3 Habits of the Fastest Dent Techs and How to Make Them Yours

ep 22 3 habits of fastest Paintless Dent Repair Techs

[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’1′]W[/thrive_drop_caps]atching the fastest hail tech some years ago, we were in awe of his speed.
We uncovered 3 methods he used to work fast. You’ll learn the 3 speed secrets, better yet, you’ll know how to turn them into habit.
In episode 7 you learned the brain’s need for automatic processes. Turns out this can work both for you and against you.
Find out how mental contrasting and if-then statements help you get the habits you want and even get rid of the others.
Listen for ways to get fast and improve any area of your life you want.

Customer forges a hail claim check. How we handled the misadventure.
Tools we love: Why I stopped using the most sought after adjustable tools in the business.

Unlock the content below to see them.

Go to Blehm Tools and grab their phone number, these tools are not available online.
When you call, order the Jeff Snyder shaved tools. You want the 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch tools only. They are available in 5/16 as well, but you won’t need them.
This is a custom set and one of the strange questions you will be asked is “do you want different colors for left and right?” It takes a good long time to shave these tools and you may have to wait for them for a couple of months…
I grew up on Don Gray adjustable handle tools and I would still be using them today, except a friend bought me this set. Once I tried them, all the adjustable’s were removed from my cart. Yes, its 20 tools I have to schlep around, but it is so worth it. Use it on aluminum and you’ll be hooked forever. I use them quite often in place of whale tails. Way more drive and gentler on the wrist.

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Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson on habits
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James Clear – Habit Creep
Harvard Business Review “Nine Things Successful People Do” (#9 is really good)
Update on hail seeing cameras

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