Paintless Dent Repair Training Students

Like my own private teacher…

I worked at a body shop for 8 years watching the industry nose dive as the insurance companies clamp down on the money in conventional repair. I took the leap and ordered the Paintless Mentor System after considering spending $5k plus on a week or two of training in a private class. I made the right choice. I had a private teaching every time I put the DVD in the player. The Paintless Mentor System is a truly complete training system. From technique to tools, its all there. Tim will give you everything you need to make great money and the freedom of owning your own business. If you have a desire to learn, and the patience to make $100 and hour, order the Paintless mentor system. I did it, and it was easier than I expected. Do your homework, then, do yourself a favor and order the Paintless Mentor System.

Casey Egger, Ft. Collins, CO, USA

My dent pushing better by leaps and bounds

My name is Greg Asper from Australia I have been a panelbeater (bodyman) for 37 years and operate a mobile repair business I have been pushing dents on and off for about 5 years with limited success. I have recently purchased some tutoring from Tim and am totally happy with the detail of imformation i have learnt, there is no doubt Tim is a man thats loves his job, and whats more loves to help others along the way.Thanks Tim my dent pushing has come along in leaps and bounds keep up the good work.

Greg Asper - New South Wales, AU

Really changed the way I look at my career

I just wanted to write you a note and tell you how much I appreciated your mentoring and coaching program. I am a body technician that's been in the industry for about 30 years. Last year I had surgery was unable to work for about 10 weeks and was curious about getting in to PDR. I Purchased your Paintless Dent Repair Mentor System off of your website and signed up for your coaching program. It has been approximately 12 months since I have purchased your service and it has really changed the way I look at my career.

Tim I really appreciate your approach about teaching other people and not trying to keep people ignorant. You seem to be well read and really do research into the industry and tell everyone what is going on the good and the bad.
Keep up the good work.

Gordon Blake
Cincinatti, Ohio, USA

Best Training I've Witnessed...

I really like your Paintless Dent Removal Mentor Program. Having it on DVD’s and seeing what you see is the best training I have ever witnessed.
Billy Weir – Saginaw, Texas, USA

They couldn’t believe I fixed it

“Tim, The pic of the Dodge with the cave in door, I have sent you a pic of this car before. She called back and said the same guy kicked the very same place. I love that guy, He keeps me in business.
I think that’s the car so many people couldn’t believe I did. I not only did it, but I did it twice! The 2nd time only took about 30 min.”

Mike Riley – Cape Girardeau, MO

“Tim, thanks for your mail and support with paintless dent removal. Your dvd’s and mail are a great help and you are a great mentor for pdr.”
Bill Spyve, Queensland, Australia

“In Russia to find good PDR the tool and teachers it is impossible. There is a big desire to develop this direction at us.”
One year later he sent this with the following photos:
“Hi, Tim.
Many thanks to you for training. I send you some of the work.”

Best regards,

Aleksey Rozhkov, Moscow, Russia

Hi Tim!!! Here are a few pics of some dents I did thanks to your system.
Brett Moes – Moes Body Shop -Fostoria, Ohio, USA

Dents Removed by Bert Dunmire

Tim is Honest about his Mistakes…

I enjoy receiving Tim’s Paintless Mentor Coaching videos each month and am especially respectful of his honesty when making the DVD’s.
I was surprised when he actually showed an error in his glue pulling prowess in a recent DVD. I am sure that most dent repair training systems would have edited out any negative workmanship whereas Tim has actually included his mistakes on occasion to hopefully save you making some of these mistakes in your own.
On occasion when I have made a phone inquiry to Tim he has always been happy to listen and spend time further explaining techniques and methods used in his training/tutoring DVD’s.
I can’t believe some of the damage that this guy takes on but am always impressed with the outcome when he is done.
As more proof of this man’s honesty, I had to actually call him recently because he had sent me several months worth of DVD’s and forgot to charge me for them.
I have full confidence in Tim and his PDR mentoring system and highly recomend his “You See What I See” system.
Thanks and kudos to Tim

Paul Tobin

Found it easy to learn the basics…

“Hi, Tim I recently purchased your Paintless Dent Removal Mentor System. At first I was a bit dubious of it as their is a lot of rubbish and false promises on the internet.
But after reading about you and your system I was convinced this could improve my very basic skills. I found it great to learn from and improve my skills, and found it easy to learn the basics.
I am a panel beater and painter from England and have been for 23 years, I now have my own body shop and like every other body shop owner, panel-beater or painter I am always looking for ways to improve and speed up repairs without compromising quality.
I read, watched and learnt your system and found with time and practice my paintless dent removal had improved enough to introduce it into my work and pass on money saving benefits to my customers.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for sharing your system with me at an affordable price, I would recommend this system to anyone who is willing to put in time and effort to achieve their goals it is second too none without a doubt.
Keep up the good work, your dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail is excellent and a credit to you.” 

Jim Hudghton – Car Body and Paint Centre Ltd, Beverley East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Photography is fantastic...

“I want to leave a testimonial for Tim Olson, the Paintless Dent course that he has done on DVDs.
I saw it on the Internet and I was very unsure to be honest and I did not want to part with, you know, it is a lot of money, but I think it is probably the best money I have spent in Paintless Dent courses. I spent about a thousand Pounds over here doing a course and to be honest, it was not really any great shakes at all.
The thing I like about Tim’s course is that it really does work and the photography is fantastic in it and you can really see what he is doing and you can see the dents being manipulated. It is a lot, an awful lot of material there to look at. I highly, highly recommend that anyone who’s seriously thinking about doing Paintless Dent Removal to take it up. It is very, very much good value for money. So thanks Tim, keep going is what I say. Keep sending me those DVDs because I need all the help I can get.”

Richard Roberts – North Wales, United Kingdom

Knowing “Why” is more important than “How”

This is in regards to the "PDR Mentor Program, You See What I See with Tim Olson". Anybody who is thinking about getting into PDR or took a class and is still struggling with it really needs to think about seeing this program. It is home based so you can work at your own pace. You do not have to move on to the next step until you are comfortable. Tim does an excellent job of explaining what he is doing while you are watching him do it. Most importantly I think he explains why he is doing it and to me that is very important. When I started PDR I would ask a question why and all people could tell you was that is just the way it is done. Told me they did not know either. I think knowing why you do things in a certain way is probably as important as knowing how to do it. I would think that even if you are thinking about going to a PDR school or being sent to one seeing this program first would put you way ahead of the other students. So this program is very, very good. I was impressed.

Charlie Cottam, Janesville, WI, USA

Moved to new level... Big dent repair

“My name is Mark Beech. I and my partner Rick Seidel run a PDR business in Lincoln, Nebraska known as Dent Man.
By subscribing to Tim Olson’s business model: do the best possible dent work and charge accordingly, we have been able to hold our own against other, more established PDR companies in town.
His training DVDs have helped us move to a new level many in this area are completely avoiding. The level of the big dent repair. We are establishing ourselves in this niche market.

Mark Beach – Lincoln, Nebraska

"I just wanted to start off by saying that Tim did a fine job on the "You See What I See" program.
I purchased several other people's (video) programs and they were horrible. They didn't show you anything, they didn't teach you anything.
Tim's program is just, its awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. So, I just wanted to "thanks again Tim" and keep up the good work."

Jason - Dayton, Ohio

"Hi, my name is Martin and I live in Baltimore. I am just calling to tell you thank you.
Thanks because I recently purchased your Paintless Mentor System. I just wanted to say thanks that you exist. I spend $5000.00 on one-on-one training and at the end of the week I was so disappointed, I thought that there is something better out there and I started searching again on Internet and I ended up with up with your website. In the beginning I was skeptical because you were saying that we are going to learn much, much more than what I was doing on one-on-one training can. I said, ‘OK, lets see if DVD’s can teach me better than the one-on-one training can.’
I bought it and when I watched it, I was wow, this guy is somebody and the way he teaches things and explains everything to the very last of detail is amazing.
For the five days of my (one on one) training I didn’t get as much information and things than I learned through your course. You have experience of 15 years or even more and it has been a big effort for you and big time spending for you to get everything about PDR (paintless dent removal) and now you give it up just like that, it is unbelievable. I just want to say thank you."

Martin Tzvetanov - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

"Paintless Mentor System is the best investment I've ever made"

"My name is Dave Hodgins. I live right outside Atlantic City, New Jersey. Speaking with Tim and watching the CDs has been an absolute real learning experience to me to finally understand it and see it after many, many years of playing around with it and then I just feel that the Paintless Mentor System that I received is probably the best investment that I have ever made, understanding I’ve been doing auto body work on the finer cars since 1973. This has really been a great experience for me. I want to personally thank Tim for that. So, thanks Tim."

Dave Hodgins - Atlantic City, NJ

"You See What I See" really works"

"You See What I See" really works....

Dmitry Tarankov - Ft. Worth, TX, USA

"Truly Invaluable..."

"Your PDR training is second to none. I would highly recommend your course to anyone looking to learn PDR. Your system simplifies the learning curve by a large margin. I also highly valued the times when I had a question and had to call and did not recieve a recorded message but got you directly. I felt I was talking to an old friend.<br />Tim, your service is truly invaluable to someone wanting to learn this trade. Thank you.

Randy Downing, Wyoming, IL, USA

“Its a really great asset and its a great tool.”

Bill Sayre - Espanola, NM, USA

"Dent School wasn't quite enough..."

Ken DeFudis - Dennis, MA, USA

"Finishing Dents With Confidence"

"My name is Carlos from London England, I am a highly skilled panel beater by trade, but after many years panel beating, I needed a new challenge, so I started looking in to PDR. Last year I trained in the states, during my time there I met up with some top class PDR techs, who I hung out with, for two weeks while I was training. I would like to thank the guys for sharing there knowledge with me. After I arrived back in England I began practicing everyday, but felt shome thing was missing in the finish to my dents. So I went back to the drawing board, and still felt dissatisfied in the way my dent repairs were coming out. I decided to contact a PDR tech in England who has seven years experience. After chatting for just fifteen minutes he gave me the answer I was looking for he said "go on the internet and order some PDR DVD training videos" and that's how I found Tim Olsons Secrets, I have grown so much in PDR technique I am now finishing dents with confindence and satisfaction. Thanks Tim for your support and great chats, your training methods are clear and precise and it is an outstanding teaching method, in such a condensed time span. I would like to share something with anyone out there thinking of doing PDR, forget about the two week courses this is not enough time to learn PDR, six months you would probably stand a chance, save your money for your tools and invest in Tim Olson PDR Secrets DVD's... they are worth every penny !!! Thanks Again Tim"

Carlos Jacobs, London, England

"The Art in PDR is how to teach it!" 

"I own a company specialized in used car reconditioning, with over 50 technicians on the road, providing windshield repair, paint touch-ups, bumper repair, interior repair, glass polishing, and detailing, and thanks to you, soon PDR. In the past we have sent employees to various training courses for PDR, with little to no results.
When questioned about why my employees failed to perform to my expectations, the course providers all stated that PDR is an art, and not everyone can do it. After watching your DVD's I can now see that the art in PDR is how to teach it!

Your methods and explanations make the mystery of PDR into something that anyone can learn with a little practice. One of my technicians who had taken a PDR course, had practiced for many weeks, and could only reduce a dent, not eliminate it like you show, was ecstatic after watching your DVD's. He finally realized that he was not stupid, he was just not taught how to do PDR, all that was done is that he had his(my) money taken for a week of following someone around.

Learning from your DVD's takes at least a month of practice away, and results in a much more professional technician. You have made PDR simple to understand, and fun to learn.

M. Yvan Lacroix
 President Repare-brise Inc
St Alphonse, Quebec, Canada

"This is Money Worth It"

Hey guys, this is Cyprian Khumano in Rockville, Maryland. I own Dent Professor in Rockville, MD.
I am from an auto body background, I’m a body man and painter.
I’ve run my business since 2002, and way back in 2004 I attended a five day college to learn Paintless Dent Repair.
That did not go well and I got frustrated and I lost interest in paintless dent repair.

So, since 2004 I’ve been outsourcing my PDR work to other guys, but early on in 2008, I just finally got interested in paintless dent repair resulting in researching on the internet how I can learn this.
Lucky enough, I had access to Tim’s website. I ordered his videos and from there its unbelievable. Paintless dent removal was so very difficult for me to understand and I was always getting frustrated when I failed to do the right thing. Every time I tried to popping dents out it was a mess and I couldn’t understand why I was failing to do the right way.

Comparing to other PDR guys who come to my shop. When I see them doing dents, it takes them 5-10 minutes and they do it good. I tried to do it on my own, it never worked.
One thing I felt I didn’t understand back then was reading the tip of the dent. But after i bought Tim’s videos I’ve progressed in like three months to probably being one of the best dent guys in the area.
And I can’t also believe myself, how good I am now, compared to the cost.

I want to thank Tim for giving me an opportunity to learn PDR.
And I also want to encourage other guys that are self-motivated that are self learners, that have discipline to buy these videos and learn the trade.
Be passionate and you will definitely understand how PDR works and you will be good.
But it also starts from you. You should have a willingness to learn you should have a drive to learn PDR and you should also want to be good at it.
I’m very thankful to tim and I just hope that more guys who want to be successful in the PDR trade, can have access to this system that Tim has.
This is money worth it. So once again, Tim, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn paintless dent repair.
I will hope I’m going to use the knowledge and skill to do a good job and give my customers a good service.
You seem to be a very simple guy.
You seem to be very moral guy and you seem to be humble guy and you really give us affordable training, you’re not just there for money.
What you give to me was a service, and I really appreciate it. I don’t have enough words to thank you, but, I’m really grateful that I had access to your website.
Because i wanted to be a PDR guy, but I couldn’t do it before.
I know I can but I just did not do it. And you taught me paintless dent repair and now I am very good at it. And I know that barring any other things, my future is pretty much set for the rest of my life, just from paintless dent repair.
Irregardless of my body work business, but because I love paintless dent repair.
This system is for people that are disciplined, that are driven, people that believe in themselves, that are self reliant, this system will be good for you. And you will learn if you practice and you’ll be good at it.
So, Tim, thank you very much for what you have done for me and all the other guys that have learned from Tim, keep on doing good work, and let’s hope that this trade can have better and more trained PDR guys.
Thank you very much,

Cyprian Khumano - Rockville, Maryland, USA 

"Most Helpful is Learning How Metal Moves...."

"I just wanted to provide helpful information regarding Tim Olson and his "You See What I See" Program.

I have been through what I still believe is some pretty good Paintless dent removal training, but I felt the real need to just watch somebody do it. I maybe would have learned some of these things in time, but I think it would have taken me a long time to learn what I learned about pushing dents by just watching Tim do it.
He has some different techniques and different things, but I think the first thing that was helpful to me is just to watch him do it and particularly on big dents. I had no idea how to approach them. I had no tactics. I was just completely lost and yet I knew people were doing big dents. I just had no idea how to even begin to tackle them and so that probably has been the most helpful thing for me is at least a tactic, at least a strategy on understanding how the metal moves.
I sort of knew that; I did not have it stated that concisely that well and Tim showed us on the videos how that worked and why it was important and explained it more.
I think another thing that was especially helpful to me was the broader information about lighting and about its importance and about different tools and just the wide variety of new ways of doing things that are out there that I knew nothing about and even if I choose not to use them, still just to know that there are different things out there was just very helpful to me.
The information about pricing was also helpful to me and getting information about marketing ideas, billing ideas, all just things that I might have eventually figured out, but just having Tim explain them has been very helpful .
For me, it has been worth every penny I have spent already and I expect to get a lot more good out of it as my skills advance and as Tim is there to interact with. I have talked to him on the phone a time or two and he has just been very helpful.
So, I think he has a good product. I think he has good teaching. I think his processes are good and I have appreciated it and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested.
It was a little bit scary to just buy something off the Internet, but I liked the "You See What I See" approach and that appealed to me and the whole mentor program appealed to me because I thought I need a steady source of information helping me, guiding me, giving me insights as I have tried to develop my skills because you can always learn more, always get better, always advance and I think that was one of the things that got me into the mentor program was that I needed someone else to help me go to the next level.

Rennie Burrus - Columbus Grove, Ohio, USA 

"My body shop friends were surprised..."

"My name is Bert Dunmire. I am from Rogers, Arkansas. I have been practicing paintless dent repair for about four months now. I chose Tim Olson's Paintless Mentor System because I wasn't ready to go out on a limb for $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 plus expenses just to see if this was something I could do. Tim's system allowed me to get started at a reasonable cost and progress a little at a time until I felt that I was ready to get going. Tim is not a guy that takes your money and then disappears. He has monthly newsletters, instructional videos. They provide extra information on specific repair situations and the paintless repair business in general. I have also emailed Tim with specific questions of my own and he answered those promptly and his tips and suggestions have worked for me. I have a couple of friends in the autobody repair business. They were surprised with the amount of information and the quality of information that I received from the Paintless Mentor System. I have been able to progress pretty quickly even on a part-time basis and the people I know have been impressed with what I have learned so far. Practice projects have been easy to find and my confidence level is high enough now that I am almost ready to take on paintless jobs and all together I have less than $3,000.00 invested right now. I know Tim is still going to be there with helpful tips and suggestions along the way and he will have answers to the specific questions when I need them. That is what a mentor is to me and his system has already been well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone interested in PDR work."

Bert Dunmire - Rogers, Arkansas

"I instantly just locked on to it and mentally knew how to do it..."

"Hello, this is Scott Bats. I live in Mexico, Missouri. I have worked in body shops for about 23 years. I am 41 years old and I finally after watching all these hail guys coming in the shop and our PDR guys weekly come in our body shop, I decided to go ahead and I ordered my tool set and I ordered Tim Olson’s Paintless Dent Repair Mentor System the same day. I went ahead and got the gold system because I figured I would take anything that he would give me as far as knowledge. I would rather learn from somebody's knowledge than my experience. I knew it would take a lot of time off (my learning). Once I got his video I watched all the DVDs, showing how to set your light, the glue pulling, how to work the big dents. Everything just opened up a door for me mentally. I have been pushing metal around for a long time and when I saw the video and how he did it, I instantly just locked on to it and mentally knew how to do it. I knew physically it would take me a little bit but I really buckled down and I pushed over 500 dents in a week and a half. I just started take hail damage panels, doors, deck lids, hoods to my basement, setting up my light and pushing dents after the kids went to bed and after doing that, within a week and a half, I got my first dealership job on a O4 Colorado tailgate and bed side and I have completed it and took it back to them and they are satisfied. So Tim, thank you and thank you for sharing your knowledge and the price was cheap. It was worth every penny and I appreciate it and I hope to talk to you again. Thank you so much."

Scott's Paintless Dent Removal
Scott Batts - Mexico, Missouri

"I've had complete success in removing dents..."

"I was looking to go to PDR school and discovered your website. Got the videos. I have been working dents around about a month now and have had complete success in you know removing dents. With the glue puller and with the regular dent tools.<br />I already have the dent tools and had another training video that was absolutely horrible. I try to pull at least between three and ten dents a day from different cars. We have a bunch of used cars that I work on and the success rate on you know just working dents every day has really made a difference and the Paintless Mentor System has really, really boosted my confidence and I am starting to do the high line cars which I sell and service. I mostly sell Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Jaguars."

Rick Evans - Hampden, New Hampshire

"Like listening to a friend...."

"To say that I was skeptical would be an understatement because there are so many people promising great things on the 'Net that I've learned to get my antenna up before shelling out any money.
I am so glad that I decided to come to you before shelling out thousands on PDR training elsewhere. I am halfway through the DVDs and already feel that I've gotten my money's worth. My plan is to watch the DVDs and then start to practice what will eventually become a second career for me. You have a gift for explaining how to do paintless dent repair and I feel as if I'm listening to a friend when I watch your presentations.
You're an inspiration and I wish you and your family great success."

Tony Hutton - McKinney, TX, USA

  1. Just started listening to you guys a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoy listening to ya. Been doing PDR along time always trying to learn new things and get better at my business. I actually started pushing in 1991 and I’m 66 years old. I love to push and always trying to make the dent better than the last one. I did actually get a set of Tim!s tape quite awhile ago. I think at that time you sent out a tape every once in awhile. Definitely will keep listening. I like the father/son setup you have. My hat is off to you guys!!!!

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