Estimate Hail, Big Dents, and Dent Routes with Jim Sullivan – PM101

Avoid hail storm ripoffs with Jim from Sullivan PDR Estimator -101

By the time the storm was over and they fixed all the cars, Jim and his partner lost $25,000. Each.
The worst part? It didn’t have to happen.
Jim even saw it coming.
At one point, he suggested the body shop should sign the invoices on all the cars.
“Oh no, Dusty always pays.”
Only this time, Dusty didn’t pay.

Why did Jim Sullivan tell us this story? Because he provides PDR estimating software. The program which could have stopped this huge hail storm loss.

Listen to find out how you can:

  • protect yourself and your partners at a storm
  • track whats happening at your body shop hail sites
  • allow your shops to write estimates
  • get more money on your big dent jobs

Be sure and listen to the end. Especially if you never want to get ripped off at a hail storm.
Also, as a technician or PDR company, you’ll want to enter your info at the PDR Junction tech directory.

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