PDR Training Case Study Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Paintless repair students

Is paintless dent repair a form of art?
Must you be an artist to fix dents without painting?
When you see what TJ and Bakhodir from Uzbekistan have done, you might say yes.
Watch the video to find out how a process becomes art.

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  1. I have enquired about dents in my car. I have been told that this particular dent is not removable with paintless technique. Can I send a photo for your comment ?

  2. I don’t care if you do delete this, because you know and I know these are fake.

    You take picture number two, then you kick the panel in and take picture number one.

    No process here, and that’s why you don’t have a process to show. Live with yourself.

    1. @Very experienced: I don’t care if yo do delete this!
      🙂 it’s funny why you are: masters can’t believe that it’s all can be done by pushing and pushing!

      First of all thanks a lot to Mr Tim Olson! (Mr & Master ))
      I Swear that all these jobs were done by PDR
      in my country the speed of internet too slow that’s why Mr Tim has no process to show. just to attach one photo it takes about 10-15 minutes. and it’s expensive to ($0.16= 1MB)

      large dent is the same as small ones but with Hign Definition (HD) i can proudly say that 70% of my dents are done after “BIG HARD PUSH” whatching the mentor system of Mr Tim!
      AND it’s not an ADVERTISEMENT!


      thank you

  3. The dents that are shown in the video simply cannot be fixed to be ideal, in a sence one cannot return the sheetmetal to the original shape after that much damage. After the sheetmetal stretches that much you will see evidence that the dent was there…all and every PDR expert should and will see some resedue of the dent. The point is this, the video ahd pictures will not due the work justice.

    1. Serge,
      you are correct, whether its done conventional or paintless, every repair is a compromise of some sort.
      Watch the video in full screen, I’m only showing it half size in the box.
      The customer is the one to decide if they can live with a little wiggle or two.
      I’m pretty sure TJ and Bakhodir only sent me the photos from happy customers.

  4. Hi Tim, from the video you will notice that at 47 seconds and 55 seconds these are two different cars one has been detailed with the dent in it and the other has not with no dent?
    i would take the first pic with the dent and after it was taken out take the second pic but not in this case the wheels and inside wheel arch do not match up at all ?
    i have purchased the full set of tools for my brother from you under my ebay email about 6 mths ago maybe more my brother has been doing pdr for over 7 yrs with a local franchise until i purchased the tool for him, so yes they do work and are in the top end of tools for this trade, myself i have no idea how my brother has the patience to take out dents so its not for me (no patience) but i must say that there is every man and woman out there with tools that think there the best thing on earth and have little experience so for everyone that reads this if it gets put up concentrate on the training and take it slow and don’t think that one or two wks training is enough to print your business cards and head for the car dealer ships as you will soon be out of work and have a bad reputation, so practice practice practice on your own car or a door from the wreckers. all the best james

    1. James,
      you have a good eye! I cannot say why the photos seem to be out of order.
      Watch it again and click the fullscreen button in the bottom right.
      See the chip close to the windshield post? Same car.
      I believe you are confusing me with my friend Mike Cascelli for the tools on ebay.

  5. Tim,
    I take personal joy in my heart when get paid big money to take my hammer to some other person’s “idol” in the process of removing their dents.
    The money is not often made in perfection, as you well know since in PDR the last 20% of the dent is where 80% of the work is. To toe the line where the maximum dollar amount is made, in the least amount of time, with the customer’s full satisfaction, while maintaining the highest standard in the industry, is what we should be about.
    I have made as much as $6,800 in one day in a hail storm in Alabama. I have done a Lexus “is 250”, pearl white, for an insurance company for $5,115.00 ( Almost 4 days of work ).
    I have found the people who say they are not “patient” enough, just don’t know the dividends and I usually don’t share what they can be.
    I appreciate your friendship. I appreciate what you do to make others know what a great business this is and how they can be better at it.
    May the Lord truly bless your endeavors as He has mine, because my business has allowed me not to be a burden to others as I have bee a full time minister. ( Not a flashy, loud mouthed, egotistical, embarrassment to God, but a person who has been there for others and looking to see everyone be as blessed as I have.)
    Thank you again,
    Kent D. Row / PDR
    Patmos Ministries
    Atlanta, Ga.

  6. Tim It seems you have stirred up a hornets nest with this one,
    who is to say what individual people are capable of.
    If all is true it is most impressive,I would never take on such dents,but i myself have only learned from your dvds and at the start everything was impossible,now not so and it is now both rewarding and addictive.

  7. Nice job on the large dents! You will notice that in almost all of them the depth was very shallow compaired to the size. large dents like these can many times be easier to do perfect than a smaller dent that is very deep. For one thing you can start by pushing out the majority with a paded board or your hand pulling it out some with suction cups or even take the panel off and put it on a blanket and use a dead blow hammer and a padded shot bag to start pushing the dent. You have to think out side the box a little for big dents, the only thing that changes is the dent size not the skill set needed. I have done dents for over 20 years and I bought Tims training cd’s for my son and he is right on track on how to do dents small and large!

  8. Wow, very nice work. That has got to make a mentor very proud of his students. For all of you non beleivers out there, you for sure are entitled to your own opinion. I can personally say that I have fixed some dents that I would never have thought that could be fixed and after doing so had stepped back and looked at what I had accomplished with amazement. I say this because I too have used Tim’s paintless mentor system and also have had the priviledge of training side by side with him. These pics are a testament to Tim’s teaching and to what can be done with patience, practice, and hard work. Congrat’s to Tj and Bakhodir as well as Tim.

  9. hey tim my name is not sherridan thats my wife who purchased see what i see for me.i would like to say you are on the money i have improved out of site and anyone who dont believe it is just how do say in the wrong game, thanks tim my paintless dent career is off to a flying start thanks to you

  10. hi tim, this is another prove your mentor system makes people learn pdr. thanks to you ive been doing great, but i wouldnt take on some of those dents. well the more i do the hungrier i get, so may be one day. ive done dents that i thought they cant be done by pdr, but with more practice everything seems easier.

  11. Hi there all, yeah it is true that such dents can be pushed out after a few hours work.. i too never thought i could ever be able to push such dents.. and got to a point when i was ready to quit,,, but like anything persistence will pay off… i can now push not only this type of dents but also nastier ones,,, i will not publish my photos as i believe i dont need to feed peoples negativity…
    but as with anything your skill is only limited to the amount of time and effort one puts into the job…. i have met many pdr techs that are so hungry for the money, their work ethics is non existent therefore giving our industry a bad name… now we have big companies trying to underscut prices to the point where sometimes it is not even worth fixing hail damaged cars….
    so i free lance and for those thinking in joining up ..beware of those companies charging up to $25,000 us for a four week training course the will take you no where.. you might as well buy tim’s dvds… it is a better investment…i would love to see the day when all of us PDR techs could agree on a standard pricing so bigger companies did not have anyone to work for peanuts…
    this was assuring the survival of the industry…. and the rewards of the hard work that goes into this technique…

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