Glue pull vs. PDR – Who Will Win?

There are two main methods of paintless dent removal, glue pulling or glue pdr, and pushing from the back PDR.
The differences are this: one is done from above and one from underneath. Which is better?
Watch these ambiguous videos for the answer.

Think I’m trying to sell you on glue pulling? Watch the next one.

Some say I’m old school, but I like to use glue pulling only when I have to.
I’ve always said a good pusher makes a good puller, so if you know how to push, glue pulling comes easier.
The requirements are the same for the PDR tech. You must know how to read a dent well and know what is low and what is high. Where to push next, or pull or knock down.

With today’s cars you will need to know how to do both, so be clear with your PDR trainer about what you will learn.
There is a disturbing trend with some paintless dent repair schools, where only glue pulling is taught.
This is only half (or less) of the full story of PDR.

Remember, push from behind paintless dent repair has about 15 years head start on glue pulling.
But for those places with no access, glue pulling is a real complement to PDR.
What about you? Push or pull?

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