Make Your PDR Business Timeless – PM99

Make your PDR business timeless - episode 99


Your dad liked them. You liked them. Now your kids like them and they are telling all their friends.
Something which appeals to three generations or more, this is what we call timeless.
Baseball? Yeah, but its really a pastime.
We’re talking about things which seem temporary, like popular music.
Music is popular for a small window of time, then it falls off a cliff into the realm of yesterday. But not all.
Led Zeppelin to wit. Each new group of teenagers “discovers” this group and their world is changed forever.
This is timeless.
Is there a way to position your business in your customer’s minds the same way?

  • How to stand out
  • Create an experience
  • Stay “top of mind”

Also in this episode:
How we lost 8 PDR reviews and why we love how we got them.

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