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How We Got a 1 Star Review (and what we do now instead) – PM102

A few years back, we fixed hail on an Acura. While estimating, I could see spots in the paint where the clear was starting to fade. I mentioned it to the customer, but he couldn’t really see it.

By the time a year and a half had passed, he saw it. The car stayed mostly outside and now, the clear was really turning white. It showed up very well against the gray paint.

He brought it by to show us.

“This only started fading after you worked on it. Is there something you guys do which could cause this?”

This last question turned into accusation pretty quick as you will see.

Watch Those Moral Projections

You ever have one of those moments where you say, ‘I know what I would do!’ ?

I had one. Projected my moral standard right on to the whole body shop world of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

See, I figured if I own or work at a body shop, I’d tell this fella exactly what was wrong with his paint. Exactly the wrong thing to do. The shops he went to either were too chicken to tell him the truth or straight up hate paintless dent repair.

Not one shop told him the truth.

Soon enough, he’s back. “I really think something you did caused this to happen to the paint.”

How would you handle this?

I’ll tell you what I did in the episode posted above.

But first, one more example.

Never Glue Pull a Dent with a Chip

Back in 2003 I found this out the hard way. But why is it so dangerous?

For two important reasons. Time and Temp.

No, not talking about the phone number you called as a kid to set your watch. (Anyone younger than 30 ask your folks 😂)

Once a spot of paint has opened up, it starts to delaminate around it. Delamination is just a fancy word for peeling paint. Over time and depending on the weather, this area can spread quite far. So then, unless you know for sure its a new chip, the risk is too high for making a small boo boo into a big one.

At the very least, you will want to add a Cover Your Assets portion to your repair orders.

Which brings us back to our one ⭐️ review.

Protection in Advance

I will tell you this. If you have a paintess dent repair shop, you need to protect yourself. Sometimes from the strangest things.

I’m not talking about just getting disclaimers signed, though they are needed.

Education is your only armor against the ‘not your faults’.

Easy for me to say, now that its already happened. True. But when you listen to the story told in episode 102, you will discover the things you need to put in place now.

Like videos you can send links to via text. I show you three just to cover the situation which led to our 1 Star review.

Look, paint is fragile. No question.

More fragile is your relationship with your clients. Plenty of well meaning but clueless folk in the collision world are looking to poach them. Our only defense is a ready to send offense. Listen and see what I mean. See you there.

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Hire a robot to run your pdr business? PM100
Paintless Business, Podcast

Hire a Robot to Run Your PDR Business? PM100

Customers are the lifeblood of your paintless business. Would you trust your interactions with them to artificial intelligence?
Only if you were certain it would result in a better experience for them.
Have we reached the point in tech advancements to allow for this? Yes, we think so.
Listen to see how we are implementing a better start to the PDR estimating process using bots and believe it or not, facebook.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
ManyChat Bot for Facebook Messenger

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Apps and Office Tech We Use in our PDR Company - PM96
Paintless Business, Podcast

Apps and Office Tech We Use in our PDR Company – PM96

If you’re like every PDR tech who ever pushed a dent, you love new tools. We love seeing the new stuff too, even one just for using around the office.
Over the years, we’ve found some apps or software which makes life easier. Listen to the tools we use in the dent repair office.

Estimating Software:
We have mostly used the Ding Stinger app for iOS. It is a quick way to write a hail estimate and gives the authority boost which comes from a computer generated estimate.
Another app we hope to try soon is MobileTechRx. Our concern right now is price and users. There are 3 techs in our shop who also write estimates. Look for an update soon.

Organizing Your Thoughts:
Evernote is the app we’ve used for years for brain dumps, to-do lists, and any info we want to keep forever or at least, for later.
It works on all platforms, so any device, excepting grandma’s flip phone.
Derek uses paper journals almost exclusively, but my preference is the Noteshelf for iOS. I can write with a stylus on a tablet and it backs up to Evernote, so its always at fingertips.

Mind Maps are a great way to cough all your thoughts into one page and organize after. Here are a couple we use:

Documenting and Remote Fax/Scanning:

The ability to scan a paper document is a must for a mobile PDR business. You can quickly grab a customer’s paper hail estimate, scan receipts, or business cards even. We love Scannable for Evernote since it ties the two apps together so well.
Scanner Pro for iPhone also works well.
Both apps can convert the scans into very small, high quality PDF files, which are great for emailing.

Counting money is the fun part and we use Quickbooks for this, but its love hate at best. It is one of the programs which ties our hands to Windows like a captive prisoner. Would make the jump to their online version were it not for all the negative reviews.
Freshbooks is an online accounting software we have not tried. If you decide to, first priority would be to make sure it works with your companies structure. Sole proprietor I’m certain they do, but LLC or Subchapter S, not sure.

Photo Editing and Design:
If ye are wise, ye’ll be takin’ fores and afters of your dents. Sometimes your shots will need a little editing. I prefer Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Mac. There are windows versions available as well.
We know about photoshop and creative cloud which are the standard. But for ease of use and only paying once, not monthly, Affinity has our love.
The Designer App is more for business cards, or icon creation for your website, for example. I have used it to design billboard size banners as well. Big fan of vectors.

Once you’ve made your business cards give a try. We’ve had great results with business cards for many years with them.

Though we mostly use Gmail from Google for email, I like a Microsoft product for iOS called Outlook. It works with Gmail and all other providers and just seems a better app than the Mail which comes on the iPhone.

What are the apps or office tech you use in your PDR office? Leave a comment below.

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History of PDR - episode 95
Paintless Business, Podcast

The History of PDR – episode 95

They say every idea worth spreading starts on the West Coast of the US.
Not this time.
PDR started two different places at the same time. Neither of them have a zip code starting with 9.
Listen to how paintless began according to all the mostly true stories we’ve heard through the years.
Also, why the changes coming will totally catch you off guard.
fox collision hail trailer repo

Links mentioned in this episode:
Early paintless pioneer Jeurgen Holzer
Episode 21 – why you need to move on PDR ideas quick

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Do We Hate the PDR Industry- episode 94
Paintless Business, Podcast

Do You Hate the PDR Industry? PM94

Ninety days from starting. All the time needed to realize running a PDR business is not as great as you first thought it might be.

  • You do get more deductions, but also find you pay higher personal taxes
  • The competition are fools and are ruining the business with unsustainable pricing
  • The state government is threatening to pass a law which will take away a good part of your business.

Somebody’s gotta do something about this industry!

  • What is the single most important thing to remember about your industry?
  • What’s the most effective way to make changes?
  • The real driving force behind most industry associations.

Listen as we pull back the curtain on what’s real and what’s not in the PDR industry.

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dealer hail fraud paintless mentor 93
Paintless Business, Podcast

Hail Fraud: Why and How to Educate Your PDR Customers – PM93

Imagine coughing up money for a new car only to find it has hail damage on it. The underhanded way the dealer treated this customer would make Bernie Madoff blush.
Herein lies the reason for becoming more than just a metal pusher:

  • Consumer education builds trust.
  • Trust makes sales.

The stories you hear and experience can become public service announcements. You’ll see how to forearm your clients against dealer fraud and other shenanigans.

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Paintless Business, Podcast

Proof: Cheap Prices Scare Paintless Customers Away – PM92

Want to make more money in your PDR business? Raise your prices.
Easy for you to say, friend. We are first to admit, charging more is scary. At first.
When you hear what happened to us in this episode, you’ll see why it gets easier. Listen for a real example of a low price scaring a customer right into our shop.

  • How to get to the most important thing in your customer’s mind
  • Where the money is coming from is important
  • Do your customer’s brag about your pricing?
  • Amazon is all about price, right? The answer will surprise you

email from happy customer who knows value of good pdr
Ridgeline before
after Ridgeline dent

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No business like PDR -episode 85
Paintless Business, Podcast

There’s No Business Like PDR? PM85

Your side gig. Your hobbies. Bet you have one or both.
When you study these and compare to the paintless dent business, do you notice the similarities in their behaviors?
The things which make a group turn on itself are not really unique to PDR.
Other niches make this painfully clear: the same attitudes and strange views exist everywhere you look. People are people, right?

  • Flame wars and cyber bullies on a PDR forum, do they only exist in your business?
  • What makes the trolls come out anyways?
  • What can you learn from it?

You and I sell dent repair service. Understanding why someone behaves as they do, is helpful.
Listen as we veer far afield and look at some other niches, then bring you back sideways to put it all to good use.
You can apply this when hiring, in your own family, and even in situations where you are the one being served.

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