There’s No Business Like PDR? PM85

No business like PDR -episode 85


Your side gig. Your hobbies. Bet you have one or both.
When you study these and compare to the paintless dent business, do you notice the similarities in their behaviors?
The things which make a group turn on itself are not really unique to PDR.
Other niches make this painfully clear: the same attitudes and strange views exist everywhere you look. People are people, right?

  • Flame wars and cyber bullies on a PDR forum, do they only exist in your business?
  • What makes the trolls come out anyways?
  • What can you learn from it?

You and I sell dent repair service. Understanding why someone behaves as they do, is helpful.
Listen as we veer far afield and look at some other niches, then bring you back sideways to put it all to good use.
You can apply this when hiring, in your own family, and even in situations where you are the one being served.

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