The History of PDR – episode 95

History of PDR - episode 95

They say every idea worth spreading starts on the West Coast of the US.
Not this time.
PDR started two different places at the same time. Neither of them have a zip code starting with 9.
Listen to how paintless began according to all the mostly true stories we’ve heard through the years.
Also, why the changes coming will totally catch you off guard.
fox collision hail trailer repo

Links mentioned in this episode:
Early paintless pioneer Jeurgen Holzer
Episode 21 – why you need to move on PDR ideas quick

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  1. great to hear you guys. not sure if this podcast is old or not. I am sure you are the pioneer on video training. The see what I see approach is perfect. Good tip on the 40% on the hotbox. I have been using it at 60. I have a youtube video from 1991 or earlier…. that has a guy teaching pdr, making knockdowns with a wire nut, making bent screwdrivers, etc. you gave me my start and I am forever greatful. I now have over 8000 members on my PDR Beginners site in which you are mentioned as a trainer. I love PDR and the technology. Check out collision glue systems glue, you might like it. I use it all the time. I think I have about every tool made and a few I have made. Thanks!

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