How to Get Reviews on Purpose - Episode 51

At one time, we had a killer system for getting testimonials. Not just text, these were bonafide audio recordings of real customers. 35 different people called in and recorded a message for us. It worked really well. So we stopped.

Phone in reviews
I know, makes no sense to us either. Which is why we're starting it back up.
But this is a different time. Social Media. Smart phones, all that. OK, but this review getting system will still work, and you get to see the whole thing in action.
Hear the story of how we did it and how we're fixing it. Then download the freebies for your own PDR business today. Start capturing glorious, business getting, confidence building reviews right away.
In this episode you will discover:
  • The state of mind which makes people want to give a review
  • Where to have them submitted
  • Don't let them just sit there, do this with your reviews once you get them
  • a powerful plug in for your web site for getting reviews

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