How to Get Reviews on Purpose – Episode 51

At one time, we had a killer system for getting testimonials. Not just text, these were bonafide audio recordings of real customers. 35 different people called in and recorded a message for us. It worked really well. So we stopped.
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I know, makes no sense to us either. Which is why we’re starting it back up.
But this is a different time. Social Media. Smart phones, all that. OK, but this review getting system will still work, and you get to see the whole thing in action.
Hear the story of how we did it and how we’re fixing it. Then download the freebies for your own PDR business today. Start capturing glorious, business getting, confidence building reviews right away.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The state of mind which makes people want to give a review
  • Where to have them submitted
  • Don’t let them just sit there, do this with your reviews once you get them
  • a powerful plug in for your web site for getting reviews

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Derek: 00:05 hello and welcome to the paintless mentor podcast. I’m Derek Olson
Tim: 00:10 and this is Tim Olson.
Derek: 00:10 Here we are at episode 51 and the first podcast of a 2017 as well, so that’s pretty cool. We’re talking about an important topic which is reviews for your business. This is really something worth focusing on because it can be one of those small levers that just really has a big effect for you and we’re going to focus on that, the power of the review, what it can do for you, and also answer this question, how come you don’t have them now? How can you get them? We’ll uncover a really a system to how to get people to do that, how to get them to even want to give you them and where to send them. So also we have a surprising way to get them in front of your customers to get those reviews because it can be in various different places on the Internet. And so as we dig in here, we have some reviews now, but as we’ve talked about before, it’s it’s important that they’d be fresh reviews. If someone’s looking at it like, oh, this is 2005, I hope they’re still good, but it kind of lessens the value of it, doesn’t it?
Tim: 01:14 Now, on social media, they do have dates on them.
Derek: 01:16 Yeah, on your website, you may not necessarily have to put a date on it
Tim: 01:19 Yeah, and over time. So we kind of made us think about this episode is that at one point we gained 35 testimonials via audio. In other words, somebody would call an 800 number and you that happened over a short period of time and then it stopped happening. And so it got me thinking now the twenty seven Google reviews we got, which we’ll talk about that. So those were separate from that and they were posted on Google. We have maybe two or three on Yelp, I don’t know.
Tim: 01:47 Yeah, that’s right. And you said how many we got on facebook. We got 8 On facebook?
Tim: 01:52 Yeah. And so why we’re revisiting this is sort of what you’re really good at one time of getting them on purpose and I sort of forgot about that system and you know, the thirty five came because we use that system which will tell you about that in a little bit how he did it, but the 27 really we didn’t even try. I mean it was just sort of, you’re a good service, good customer relations. I don’t know. Did you ever ask for them?
Derek: 02:19 Um, maybe, maybe a few times. Often what I found is that you’ve got people will say they will and then about seventy five percent of those people actually will when it comes down to it. Um, but if you reminded them, they’d probably get 100 percent of them plus some of the ones who didn’t say they would.
Tim: 02:36 And sometimes they’ll tell you, I found you on Google and I saw all your reviews, you know? And then you can just casually say, well we really appreciate those. Maybe if you’re happy, which will kind of talk about that. But now here is something kind of about that, why you need them. And we talked about in episode seven about influence factors or one of those is social proof. And boy, I guess the easiest one is if you see a bunch of people standing in line, you’re like, hey, what are they doing? And sometimes they’ll plant shills, you know, what a front of a disco tech or something or some club and everybody’s lined up. So it must be a good place to go. They do that on purpose and you can do that on purpose too, but that’s called social proof. It’s one of the six influence factors that we talked about in that episode. But now you want that as much of it as you possibly can.
Derek: 03:25 Totally different emphasis on how good your business is. If you say you are great versus if someone, a stranger says that it has a totally different meaning to that person. Here’s the thing though, you probably feel uncomfortable asking for it, uh, and it can be awkward or you just feel smarmy. Just a good word because it’s, it’s, um, kind of that evokes that idea of the, you know, slick back hair salesman that’s going for the hard sale all the time.
Tim: 03:57 Yeah. And sometimes people think, well, you know, if they really liked me, they should just do it. They should repeat my business. You know, that that can be true. But people forget there’s all kinds of reasons why they don’t. But I’ve got a guy that works on my mower and has for years. In fact, he sold me this lawnmower back in early 2003, so thirteen years now. He’s been servicing my lawn mower as well. But here’s the thing with him, every time while he was only in the lawnmower business, he would say, Hey, do you know anybody needs a lawn mower, you know, sure would like to get a referral from you. And you know, always the same answer. No, I don’t know anybody. But now that did two things for me. It made me think about when somebody would talk about and it’s a nice lawn mower, you know, where’d you get that ad or you know, thinking about getting a bigger lawn mower, hey, call this guy.
Tim: 04:44 So I probably did give you some referrals, but then he went into the car business and the same thing. He’s still services my lawnmower. He lives, he lives some distance away and he comes and picks it up, but he still says it in the car business “do you know anybody looking for a car?” And I was thinking two things. I think man, you know, I don’t like it that he does that in a way which is, you know, there’s always sales resistance and he’s trying to sell something to you. But at the same time I also think that’s what he should do. You know, because I know about marketing, I know about sales and I think it was zig ziglar said, you know, skinny salespeople have heard, or
Derek: 05:25 timid salespeople have skinny…
Tim: 05:25 timid sales people have skinny kids. Right? But so let’s talk a little bit for, you know, how we got so many. And I think you’ll, you’ll probably think this is interesting
Derek: 05:35 how we got so many in the past. We started with gratitude. Um, we were always gathering the addresses of the people and that was important because then we were able to send them something. So we would send out thank you cards. Now, if it was a doting, they would get not just a card but also, um, some candy or jelly bellies. Now if it was a hail job, they would get something bigger. They’d get like a cookie tin.
Tim: 05:58 it would have a postcard in it. Do the use other stuff besides cookies. Really, I wish, I wish there was. We did a couple of times. This company that came along, this was somebody who was sort of done a, a side hustle business. Somebody that we knew that we loved it. Of course it wasn’t great for them. They like Ebay, you know, it’s like the worst part of Ebay as being the shipping business, unless you’re drop shipping. But they get it pretty quickly. Got to owners for them. They didn’t want to do it anymore. But what was neat about it was it was not only a tin of cookies and, but it was also a reply card and we’ll talk about that some more, but you know, food is such weak when it comes to gratitude, you know, w you’re saying thank you and I think a thank you card as a minimum, but food is the kind of a different way.
Tim: 06:54 I mean, what does, what does food do when you give somebody food?
Derek: 06:57 It just seems like a more personal, more warm interaction. It’s kind of like, um, you’re welcomed into the neighborhood, they bring you food, you know, and that just, it kind of endears you to the, to the neighbors.
Tim: 07:10 And we’re trying to evoke something really when we were doing that, which is reciprocity. And so the thing would come with a card and we got some of those cards back, but the cards weren’t great. I’ll tell you why. I think that’s the case Lib later on. But the thing about it was we started, we did have that system back then and it made it easy to give. Now the other thing that mom will do, because she was the one that was filling out those thank you cards and sending the candies along with it was she would put the one eight hundred number in there if you’re happy with the experience, please call Blah Blah, and that was just a basically a voice message line that they would call and that’s how we got.
Tim: 07:52 We actually got 35 people now that’s long before Google or yelp or facebook, any of that, but it was a cool way to gather and you know, you could get, we think about what would you rather do? What’d you better sit down and write a review and send it, mail it back to me. Even if I gave you a self-addressed, stamped envelope, you know, probably not. Yeah. It’s just easier to get on the phone and pick up the phone and say hey, we loved it, you know, just that little bit. But yeah, we were asking for the reviews and so that’s why it worked. Now. So I mean, short of that, if you weren’t doing the thank you cards and somebody, somebody here, you know, thinking about the lawnmower guy, thinking about you don’t really want to do it, but how many, what’s a, what’s a good way to ask without maybe being smarmy
Derek: 08:45 like you mentioned, sometimes they’ll say that they found us through whatever means it was facebook or Google say, Hey, I remember you said you found us on facebook. Those facebook reviews really help us. If you get a chance to leave a review on there,
Tim: 08:57 you should make it about them. I’m going always every kind of marketing should be whatever.
Derek: 09:02 Yeah, you can make it about a, it seems like the people who leave us reviews on facebook usually have cars they want to show off to, um, because they can leave a picture in the review. So that’s pretty cool to a lot of times people who get that repair, it’s something they just bought. And so they kind of want to show that off. Facebook is the perfect platform for that. Yeah.
Tim: 09:24 Yeah. So that kind of matters where they go because on one of the things I was thinking I’d like to say is, you know, we, we really love reviews so if you happen to be on social media, we’d love to have a review from you, but we’ll talk more about that too because we kind of have revised our system will tell you about that. I think. Be excited. Now. Here’s the thing though, when should you ask for it? When. So I mean actually I’ve done this, I’ve got you can look on our website, we’ve got three, we’ve got four people on video, have given testimonials. So I actually asked him. Now the thing is you could take a picture of my car, but nowadays you need to make sure you get the release from them, whether it’s on video or picture because you’re going to post that on, on sites. Need to have permission to do that. Otherwise they can at the bare minimum say don’t take, don’t post my picture. So it will actually it in the show notes will actually give you a release form that you can use as well.
Derek: 10:20 So. So what was that like? You already had the video cameras set up at the time.
Tim: 10:26 I just basically, I actually a couple of ’em I mic’d up at a lav mic on them and um, and did it because I don’t have a super good shotgun mic. And so that’s, you know, that’s, you know, when people are nervous about that. So I mean it’s, you talk about not wanting to ask people to give you a testimonial that’s even weirder with the camera
Derek: 10:48 nowadays. Something you could use it maybe because people use that all the time for video and pictures. I’ve had someone snapchats me while I was working and like, hey can I put, can I put this on my snapchat? Awesome. And so just took a picture of me and while I had the tool just working on the dent. So for someone like that, they’re not, you know, too afraid of being on camera or whatever. So you could just take a quick video that way. And the cameras nowadays are so good. So.
Tim: 11:16 So the other thing you can do, of course they’re now they’re gone so you can follow up with them after they leave and we mentioned about the thank you card, which you know, uh, I mentioned in the cookie tin that pre-printed card went out. Here’s why it wasn’t great. I told you, I’d tell you they came back because they had a stamp on them and that was cool. But it was like, check this box, check this box, and then put some comments down here. Well, you’ll guess what it said. Oh, thanks for the cookies. That’s not what I wanted, you know, so it’s OK if they mentioned that in the review and some of them did on the, on the recorded line, but it was just too short. I mean it was just really wasn’t great. So if I was going to do that I would, I would definitely, you know, make it more, you have to ask the kind of questions they would call a quarter leading question to get them to say what you want, which was we loved in Terminator. Well that’s not great. Why is it that, why did you have a good experience? Those kinds of. Those are leading questions, which is one of the questions we asked in our review now is how to determinate or compare some of the other options you might have considered, but I mean, would you ever think about calling them? I think
Derek: 12:26 yeah, cause we, we certainly always grabbed the phone number too, so that wouldn’t be that hard. I’d be quick conversation just hey, just want to check if you’re still happy with the repair
Tim: 12:37 and then go ahead and mention the reviews after that. That’s gotta be pretty fresh. I mean I wouldn’t do after within a week, maybe even three or four days because you know a week is too starting to cool off and now it’s an intrusion. It works if the feeling that still lingers that they had a good experience with, you know, otherwise it could be an intrusion, but they’re still in reciprocity mode. They want to give back and again, if you talk, you know, you call him on the phone, make it not so much about wanting to get the reviews. I just want to check if you’re still happy with it.
Derek: 13:11 Yeah, compliments the car and all those kinds of things I just mentioned at the very end.
Tim: 13:16 OK. So now let’s talk about where to send people to give good reviews. So what, what do you think?
Derek: 13:23 Well, this is something we’ve covered before. Does it even matter in a way? It kinda matters. We talked about that in episodes five and six about yelp versus all these other platforms. Facebook, Google, um, or your website. I have a preference of where, you know, probably the, the Google one helps the best because it helps with your ranking on the search engine and so it kind of has a double effect there. Um, but really wherever it is, wherever they want to do that is, is really the answer because you know, if they want to do that on facebook, let them do that on facebook. Don’t try to dissuade them and get them to go to your website instead.
Tim: 14:04 Yeah, no, I agree with that too because yelp is not strong in our area. I would not, I would not mention Yelp, but if they, if they, if they did, I’d say, Oh yeah, we love, you know, we love Yelp, we love the yelp reviews, we don’t love yet. But um, so yeah, so in fact, as you’ll find out what we’re going to send out, what is going to have both our facebook address or Google address and something else, which is interesting because, uh, we’ve talked about this in episodes five and six, but facebook and Google both allow you to have a real name. So like it’s Google or no, it’s a google my slash didn’t terminator. And then didn’t terminate or Tulsa. That’s a lot better than one. Zero, eight, nine, four, six hexadecimal dump. And so you can get that and look at your settings when you create a page for your business.
Tim: 15:01 And that way they can go easily to that and it looks like a real deal. So what about this though? What if you send them to your own website now, up until now, that wouldn’t be something that I would recommend. But now you can do it in a way that works for you because it’s gotta be easy and intuitive. If it’s that all hard, they’re just gonna nevermind. Yep. And so there’s a little bit of a downside to that I think, but you’ll see the plug in. It’s not bi-directional in other words, on, on this plug-in were about to tell you about in a minute. No, I think you’d be excited about it works. You can actually scrape reviews out of Google, not Google, but out of facebook or twitter. So twitter, if you’re active on twitter, on twitter, then they may say something on twitter about you. So you should, which is something by the way, we don’t have that. We should have had dent terminator we should get on that right away.
Tim: 16:03 You can scrape them out of there, but you know, twitter gets lost in a big old, you know, you’re never going to see it again. Basically, unless you repost it to the top of your page is not a bad idea either. If you can scrape that out of twitter and put it on your site, that’s pretty cool. So we got physical cards from people. So what do you do with that? That’d be a great thing to keep it up at the shop so people can see that, but also take pictures of it and put it on the website, which by the way, this is kind of a 80’s way of doing things, but there was a car salesman that he kept a bulletin board in his office and he was shoot a polaroid film of his clients and then posted their picture on the bulletin board, you know, hey, so and so came in.
Tim: 16:56 What’s the first thing when people see that board, they do their buddies, you know, and is there looking at it more social proof. But like I say, if you have those reviews, I need to be in front of your customers. Now here’s the weird thing. So you’ve got. It’s on Google. That’s great. It’s on yelp. That’s OK. It’s on facebook. That’s great. But what do you think the best place to put them in? The best place is the place you control, which is your website. Yeah, I think that’s true. So, and that’s the plugin that we’re talking about is actually called thrive nation. So thrive themes is the company thrive themes. It’s the ovation plugin is $39 a year, which is pretty cheap really. But what it allows you to do is it allows you to grab those twitter and facebook comments and put them on your own site.
Tim: 17:46 So what’s cool about that is that each, and this is probably nerding out on you, but each testimonial basically becomes a small little posts, not that you actually post on your page or your blog, but they become a blurb that you can make, show up on different pages and you can choose them and you can just. It’s really a lot of control. And the best part I think about it is this is something that I’ve never had before in. You could do it with other tools, but I think this is kind of a cool thing to do. If you’ve got a tulsa repair dot coms slash reviews. You’ll see our testimonials page and. But at the very top of that is a form and it basically says click here to leave your own review. So that’s going to be the thing that we do so that the system that we’re about to talk about, that’s what we’re gonna do is we’re going to send them to those three places because that’s what our favorite three places are. Facebook, Google, and then our own website with that address and let them choose now obviously if they’re on yelp or whatever, they can choose but, and they’ll understand that. So we’ll leave it up to them. But that’s, I kind of want to control that because I think those are the best places for our area. Now we’ve talked a little bit about the system already that we use in the past, but let’s talk about how we’re going to implement it from here on out at our shop and then you can think about doing it.
Derek: 19:10 Yeah. So this is kind of combining what was great about the system back then and all the modern stuff that we have now, like the websites that we talked about, but still the. It’s important. You’ve got to get that address. Um, but when do you get the address you suggested what if we did it even before estimating the car and that actually is a really good time to do. I think about when you go to the doctor and maybe it’s your first time ever there to hand you the clipboard and you had to fill it out before anything else happens that kind of just makes sense that there’s going to be an exchange of information. Go ahead and let them do that. It’s not going to be a lot of information. Like at the doctor’s office, it’s a, you know, their name, phone number, address, email address too. If they want, you know, that way they can, they can get offers and stuff. Special deals.
Tim: 20:00 You know, we talked about this last week actually we’re at the body shop had that trouble. We told that story about the body shop. I would not leave his phone number. And so you know, based on that story, based on the episode, are you choosing the right customer? We actually are going to use it as a litmus test for… You know, cause It tells us a lot about the customer, you know, the amount of information that they’ll give you and we’re not asking for a lot as you’ll see on the forum. It’s name, phone number, email if they want, and then their mobile number, their address they came from. We got an estimate and they never came back. What then?
Derek: 20:42 Well you can still send out. I thank you note, just that very same day just for coming in, you know, with, with the postal service. It’s going to get them get there the next day. It’s right here in the local area. So very next day they’ll be getting a thank you note.
Tim: 20:55 Yep, and that I think is, we’ve never done that before and we get, you know, people come and they don’t come back and maybe they went somewhere else. Maybe they didn’t have the money, maybe they forgot about it, but you know, we’ll send them a card and they’ve got that card now maybe they got one when they came in, but it didn’t matter. You know, you send them another one. Just a reminder. And that’s two impressions that you get from somebody. Went to a lot of trouble to come here. We went through a lot of trouble to do all the things that we do for our advertising which cost us money. So they get a thank you note for coming in, for the estimate. Now, customer comes in, and they pay, and we also make sure their address is on the invoice. Which, I was so serious about this in 2001. I mean I went, I had a guy custom make a database for us out of Microsoft access. So that’s something to think about too, you know, you really should.
Derek: 21:51 Yeah. Because you’ll use it later. Right. And even if a hailstorm or something,
Tim: 21:54 absolutely a hailstorm, I mean you should be, you should do the drop to all those people that had been in before. And just yesterday a guy came in and he said, he goes, I know I used you guys a couple years ago, but I just couldn’t remember. And he said, fortunately your using find. And that’s exactly what I was thinking. We’re top of the website, which is good. And our top of the googles. But um, so then, so let’s say, what are we going to do if they got dings? Kind of similar to what used to do, but a couple of changes or we’re going to do
Derek: 22:23 send out a thank you note with a card and same thing, do the jelly bellies a, it’s just a little packet with assorted flavors. Do it in a padded envelope rather than a, just a regular envelope by the way. The postal service doesn’t have any issues with it and it kind of, it’ll still fit in the mailbox, but it’s, it’s kind of looks like something more, a little package. I didn’t expect this.
Tim: 22:49 Yeah, the reason why we were kind of specified that is because Derek’s mom always used to send those out for us and she figured it out that, you know, a certain size thank you know will hold the jelly bellies and it’ll make it there. But now it doesn’t so much. But, and I think they’re still around fifty or sixty cents a package if he buying in bulk, you know, you can get jelly bellies. It actually say thank you on them. And it’s a one ounce package where it’s a half ounce package. I don’t know what it is, but it’s Kinda different and it travels through, you know, even if it’s hot they won’t come melted. But so like Derek said, you know, we, we changed and it’s like, you know, it really shouldn’t. Sometimes that happens with marketing. It’s like you can’t let the method mess with the, with the operation or the system.
Tim: 23:35 So it’s like, well we can’t send those out no more, well, yes we can. We just got to get small padded envelope and actually that adds to it because like you said, people like, oh well I’ll get something is not just a flat card, but it also, it’s not a hassle to the mailman because he could just stick it in. The mailbox will fit. And so the purpose there, same as before is that it asks them to leave a review. You know, how, how would you do that again? Just would you like to share your experience about Dent terminator that’s a really good question. It doesn’t seem as smarmy or or whatever. And I guess you could even cause you just sent them some candy. Now, that’s something we know. They don’t know, but reciprocity kicks in so you don’t have to say, Hey, reviews help us out a lot. You know,
Derek: 24:20 it doesn’t have to be heavy handed. Right, right.
Tim: 24:22 It’s just implied that you’d like to share experience, but you know, they’ll either. You’re either gonna go to one of those three places right away and they might, you know this, this young lady that sent this thank you card recently. That was pretty nice. That was unsolicited. She probably does that to most people. Yeah. Just as a rule of thumb, which I think is a good one. That left a facebook review right away too. So she did. She doubled up on them. So what a great customer. Yeah, so what if its a hail job? I mean, we made more money, send them something more substantial. Cookie tin is pretty substantial. Yeah, and it may or may not be a cookie tin. I’m not sure. Harry and David’s has got some stuff and we’ve used them before the cookie. I’m not sure what we’ll do. The others, there’s a double edge sword with cookie tins because it’s like, you know, now they got this tin.
Tim: 25:13 Think about the holidays and people getting a lot of those and it’s like, what do we, you know, eco sensitive, you’re going to be thinking, man, this thing’s going to the landfill or should I recycle it or what should I do with this piece of steel? So I’m not sure how we’ll do that, but, but I think nowadays we should be able to find something that somebody can send out to something that’s more substantial than, than the jelly belly thing. Little bigger, but it’s still going to be food and it’s still either it’s going to have the card in it and if that’s not possible then we’ll follow up with a letter that has the card.
Derek: 25:50 You could do that as you’re delivering that car. You could give them that, but in a way it makes more sense to, to, you know, let it be a few days later before it gets there. And it just, you know, because they’re already thinking about their repair. But then again, now that it all comes back to them three days later when they get this package.
Tim: 26:10 Yeah. Timing is everything on that deal because you know it’s, it is, it would be easier to give it to them, but it’s much, much better to relive the experience. You’re really influencing them and that’s what you want to do.
Derek: 26:26 Now you’ve, you, if you do it all at once, you’ve basically given them one great experience, but this way you give them two great experiences.
Tim: 26:35 You have to admit the service and all that and the money’s gone. We took care of it and they’re happy about it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer’s remorse went away. You know, wallet is renting that experience is a good one in their mind based on how he treated them afterwards is something you really want to do.
Derek: 27:00 Yeah, and I can give you an example of how it can go. The other way is where I take my vehicle for one of the dealers for maintenance. They, every time I go in there for anything, even if it’s like getting a tire patched, they call and it’s just like somewhere in India or somewhere that they call in and do a avoid or our phone, um, checkup just to make sure everything was, you know, that. And they’ll also send an email, so you basically, they’re asking, they’re always asking me to review everything, review my visit. That’s fine. But um, you know, it’d be, it’d be nice to get something once in a while for it too.
Tim: 27:42 Yeah. And that, I mean, this is a kind of a lateral segway here, but that’s, some of that is based on what they call CSI, which is customer satisfaction index. And the dealerships really put a lot of weight on that. And so does General Motors and Ford and all those guys, you know, so it can matter. You know, there’s awards for it, there’s probably incentives. Maybe they’d make more money or they get the first pick out who knows what it is. And so,
Tim: 28:13 you know, I’ve gotten calls from dealerships where they said, hey, you know, we just want to make sure, you know, you’re gonna get a postcard of the CSI survey on it and we want to make sure that, you know, you check all tens or whatever it is that we’re scale they use, you know, which is both, you know, it makes it a system that’s not even really accurate because you just asked me to put tens on everything. Well or they’ll even say, is there any reason why you couldn’t put a 10 on it? Put a lot of weight on that. I actually think from my, from my perspective, it’s just tainted.
Derek: 28:48 It’d be better to get honest feedback
Tim: 28:51 and, and it’s good to do something, but I don’t think that’s good. And obviously like you said, those guys were from another country. They have outsourced that.
Derek: 29:00 If I mean yeah, if the service advisor called me, that’d be totally different because I already have a relationship with them. Talk to him every time I go in there. So that would be different. I think it could be just a one minute phone call. Obviously they’re already so busy. That would be tough. But. But if you already have a relationship with them, it’s different.
Tim: 29:18 Yeah. Yeah. They are busy. They are busy. But you know, I mean they, I mean it goes back to remember we talked to one episode about the award winning car salesman, Joe Girard. Yeah. It
Tim: 29:32 was sent out whoever, however many hundred thirty five hundred thank you notes, but just cards every month. “I like you” that’s all it said. And it made him the, you know, the best top salesman for cars ever. But, but yeah, so the service advisors are not always busy but they are busy most of the time. But like you said, it would be good if they would call or you know, figure out something else to do.
Derek: 29:57 It’s good that they’re asking for reviews, but anytime it feels impersonal it’s not good. And that’s why the stuff we’re talking about here in our system, it feels personal. It’s like, you know, getting a gift from, from somebody.
Tim: 30:12 So we’re, but we’re talking about spending some money. Is it worth, you know, I mean, the card, I’m guessing that now you got three bucks on a door ding and whatever time it takes you to do it, I is that worth it.
Derek: 30:24 It’s, you could argue that it isn’t. If you just think about, you know, I got whatever I got on store doing and then I to send this out, but you’re not thinking that way. You’re thinking about the lifetime customer value. They’re going to get hailed on down the road and they’re going to come back to you and there’s thousands of dollars there.
Tim: 30:43 Yeah, that’s a good point. OK, so yeah, so that is what we’re gonna do. And, and um, you know, we’ve done this before and I’m surprised we got away from it, but that happens, you know, things, things that it is a hassle, you know, in your mom, your mom is very busy and she’s always the one that’s taking care of this religiously for us. But actually really the reason why that doesn’t happen now is my fault, I don’t get their addresses and I don’t want say this to get. They really, really need to be. Yeah, you know, and it’s just something that even I need to be reminded of is it’s very important on the follow-up. So guys, we appreciate you listening to us. As always, we’ve got some show notes for you and we’re actually going to have a couple of things for you. We’re going to have the release forms that we talked about.
Tim: 31:25 If you want to take somebody’s photograph, we’re also going to show you the cut for customer information forms that we’re going to going to start implementing and as well some information on how to implement that review plug in. How do we get it posted on your site and if you’re not a web guy or whatever, you know, don’t freak out. I’m sure that you get somebody to do it for 50 bucks on Fiverr or something like that. But we’re going to talk about how we set it up, show you a couple of things. I think you’ll be excited about that. But as always, we appreciate you listening and we hope that, uh, you know, this whole show has been about reviews, so if you love to leave a review for us, you know, not trying to be smarmy, but hey, it helps, And of course, if you have a question or anything like that contact us through email or on the website or social media,
Derek: 32:12 Yeah, absolutely we can’t wait to hear from you guys. So thanks for listening. We’ll see you on the next episode.

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