Should You Sign a No Compete for PDR Training?

Originally, non compete agreements were designed to protect a business from former employee competition. They are presented at time of hiring, often as a condition of employment.
The intention of a non compete is not evil, but in the hands of aggressive business owners and their attorneys, they sometimes cross a line.
Having both fought one in court and used one later with my own employees, I have some idea what makes one good or bad.

Fairness is the key. But what makes a non compete a fair agreement?
Once signed, how and why do they get abused? Listen to hear the story of one court battle and all the business wrangling that went along with it.
What influence factors would cause a person to sign an agreement they know is not good for them?
The fairness of the agreement comes down to math. Learn how to compare signing a non compete to paying for paintless dent repair training outright.
For more information on influence factors check out Episode 7

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