How to make a practice light for PDR Training

Lights for PDR training are one of the most expensive items you’ll need to get started.
Watch the video on how to build this practice PDR light for as little as $70 in materials. All parts available from your local big box hardware store.

practice pdr training light handle


Watch this video to save some of your hard earned money for paintless dent removal tools.
I’ll show you where to get the parts and how to build it.

PDR Training DIY Light

Click the link to watch the free video about PDR Lights.

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  1. It’s a great idea, and if you’re a bit of a handyman and have some surplus junk around the shop/house you can make one for the cost of the light.

    Although watch what you spend making your own, it’s easy to spend too much on home made lights to the point where for the same money, you can buy a purpose made light from the companies.

    Still a top idea Tim, a few fixed lights arranged around the shop/garage would be excellent for cross checking or finishing off!


  2. The lights, though helpful, are unnecessarily expensive. It’s a nitch market. Like babies. If there’s a need, mark it up 10 times.


    1. “Lights are unnecessarily expensive”

      After spending hours and hours of my own R&D on LED lights, not to mention $100’s on LED’s, plastic and junk that didn’t work, I have to disagree.
      You are right this is a niche, so tool companies will never recoup with volume.
      Few units = high prices.


  3. I found what appears to be a nice led light nicely priced they let you select colors strips in the light no add’l cost for two. If I chose colors what two colors would you recommend. I thought in one video you used white and blue and another you used yellow. If you had your choice what colors would you select?


    1. David, our combo is off white, orange, bright white, green, and off white.
      But we have one light with 3 strips of white and off white and it works great too.


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