How to Build a PDR Light for $70-100

Update 2019: Lots of fixtures are now made with LED’s. This can still work. You’ll see how in part 2.

PDR light stands cost about 400 and up for a good one.

Suction cup lights cost less, but are limited in how you can move them.
You want a free standing light but not break the bank?

Here’s how to build one with off the shelf goods from a hardware store.

Parts List:

  1. Light $15.98
  2. Electric Cord $10.96
  3. Mr. Longarm Brush holder $7.97
  4. Shur Line paint pole $18.54
  5. 1 1/2″ pipe flange $9.24
  6. 1 1/2″ 12″ pipe nipple $7.08
  7. 1/4-20 thread 1 inch countersunk screws and nuts for flange
    Halex NM clamp connector 1 inch

Trash can dolly $31.97

You can also build a base out of scrap wood, then screw the pipe flange to it.

Couple of corrections to the video.
When I bought the electric cord two years ago, it was $6. The price of copper has gone up, so its eleven bucks now.
The connector is called a NM Clamp connector 1 inch by Halex.
You can find small bags of them in the electric department. Its meant to hold romex wire, but suits us well here.
To make this light work for PDR, watch the second video for some easy and low cost modifications.

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