1% Better is All You Need to Win

Ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? How can you get ahead of your competition?
Good news, you only have to be a tiny bit better to win.
Do better at these 5 key areas of your business by just 1% and you come out on top. These tiny, incremental improvements will give you an accumulated advantage over all your competitors. In a short time, you could easily wind up with 80% of all the retail paintless dent repair in your area. By the time your market figures it out, your business stands above all and there is no chance for them to catch up.

  • How to gain accumulated advantage
  • the 5 parts of your business to notch up for best leverage
  • Strong example why social media is not a place for customer service interaction

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:
James Clear on 80/20
Tim and Derek on 80/20 advantage
Handling customer complaints the right way
Example of why not answer complaints on social media

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