Why You Hate Your PDR Business (Sometimes) – 62

The grass looks greener, yes, but sometimes your side looks pretty good too. What is behind this bipolar, love and hate thing we have going with our own business?
If you look close enough, there are some really amazing things going for you. Raving fans, a great location, props from people you might not even know about.
Yet, even when forced to acknowledge these fortunes, we turn around and forget as soon as the next struggle happens.
Listen to discover why it happens, and even how to overcome it.

  • Customer freaks out and teaches us a lesson about pricing dents
  • How I lost a hail job and how to prevent it next time
  • No, I won’t fix your mangled up RV door, but here’s why I let you down easy
Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:
Headwinds/Tailwinds Assymetry by Davidai and Gilovich

How to Get Reviews on Purpose – Episode 51

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