4 Ways to Get Hail Money without the Hassle – Episode 20

episode 20 - Hail money without the hassle

ep20-paintless-mentor-podcast[thrive_drop_caps color=’blue’ style=’1′]C[/thrive_drop_caps]an you identify the four kinds of hail jobs and the customers who bring them in?
Roadblocks to the money will come up, here’s how to get around them.
What you must be willing to say and do.
How you can show you are legitimate business – no matter how long you’ve been in.
What to do when the bank gives you trouble.
In the United States, insurance payoffs are tracked by 1099 forms. Why these can be wrong and what to with it.
Just because your shop’s name is on the check does not always protect you. How customer’s are ripping you off.
Is the hotbox a viable dent repair machine? We look back to the past to predict the near future.

Ep. 14 Are You Choosing the Right Customer?
Be Legit:
Episode 5
Episode 6

Wylie, Texas homeowner bank troubles (moved)
Direction to pay sheet
Hotbox PDR
Article about “upskilling” with the hotbox

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