PDR Tips, Stories and T-Hotbox Tricks with Drew Lechtenberg of DruzToolz.com – 41

T-hotbox PDR Druztoolz.com episode 41

Is the T-Hotbox a viable tool for paintless dent repair, or is it all just wisps of smoke?
Drew Lechtenberg of druztoolz.com tells us why it is becoming a must have on the tool cart of the best hail and dent techs.

Listen to what the maker of our favorite blending hammer has to say.

  • thoughts on drilling – should it really be an issue?
  • Hail storm stories
  • What its like to work under inspection light tunnels
  • A surprising education every dent tech needs
  • how we made small tabs back in the day
  • What Drew would say to a new tech
  • T-Hotbox tips uses you never thought of
  • why the T-Hotbox works in any country, and what tips to use

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