Tension in Auto Panels – Use it in Paintless Dent Removal – 57

episode 57 paintless mentor podcast

Sheets of paper, sheets of metal. Two very different things. Or so you would think.
Make a few folds in paper and you’ve got a paper airplane. Folds in metal? Becomes a door, a hood, ultimately, a car.
Every fold, crease and curve in sheet metal helps a car to hold its shape. Understand this and your dent repair will get better by leaps and bounds.
You’ll even have more fun pushing as you learn to make things work in your favor.

  • Why does one dent behave different from another?
  • How this fundamental principle applies to every dent and every repair method too
  • What every push is really doing to your panel

Links mentioned in this episode
Origami Revolution Nova on PBS

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