LED lights for Paintless Dent Repair

This is a review from last year for the Pro PDR solutions LED light.
The video is showing an earlier version we purchased with 4 strips. On a tip from Jeremy Neppl we bought two of the new version and had 1 green and 1 orange LED strip added in.
The green strip together with a white one are what we use most all the time now.
The orange gets no love from us at all, and we tend to forget its there.
Each strip has its own switch so you can try different combos.
You can run 2 strips at a time and the battery consumption will equal 1 of the old fluorescent style lights with 1 bulb. (Around 30 watts.)
There’s been some confusion about these lights and running multiple strips like a line board as taught by some instructors.
You can only look at one strip at a time, and running more than two or three strips will suck your batteries down fast.

LED lights are more like a hybrid of a shadow light and sprayed fog. You get the best of both lights here. The bottoms show well and pushing clean is made easier since the pushes really pop. How you position it is key.
There is an advantage to having the strips far apart. This can mimic having two lights, one high, one lower. Pro PDR offers the fathead light which really takes advantage of this.

Less Eye Fatigue
Though you can’t see it, fluorescent tubes oscillate or cycle light from one end of tube to the other. Some say this is harmful to the eyes. I’m no scientist, but we do notice less eye fatigue after a day of heavy work with the LED’s.
My only gripe with these lights is going back to the old fluorescent lights is no fun at all. It makes us wonder how we ever used them.
I now only recommend LED lights for this reason.
If you’re like me and have multiple stands, Bill and the team at PRO PDR can set you up with a retro-fitting for your stand.
The heads are very lightweight which is nice when booming out over a roof.

[Video update] Since we shot this, the slight curve is no worse than new and does not affect its use at all.

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  1. How long will the 2 strips last on a fully charged car battery setup? My PDR guys have been looking into updating out lighting system but I don’t want to take any steps backwards. Thanks.


    1. Hi Paul.
      A large car battery would last several days. We use sealed gel batteries, but many use small sealed motorcycle batteries.
      Our batt’s are rated at 33 amp hours and my digital voltmeter tells me this should last about 40-45 hours.
      Which also says I could use smaller bat’s. Best practice is to charge them each night after use. They are not like ni-cad’s and have no memory effect.
      LED’s burning 2 strips use about 1/2 to 2/3 the power of a single fluorescent bulb meant to run on 12 volts.
      I’m showing about .7 amp for 2 strips.
      Get a dimmer and its even less.


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