Door Jammer for Paintless Repair on Doors

When doing PDR on door dings or hail, sometimes you need to prop the door open.
Maybe you’ve taken the door panel off, or you are using a drain hole underneath. Perhaps you’re using an old car for PDR training and manufactured an access in the door frame. You want the door locked in place.
The Door Jammer from B and D tools is not the first on the market. But it is by far the tightest.
You can prop the door open with any old stick and a bungee cord, but if the door moves on you? Just more frustration you don’t need.
I’ve used a jammer from Steck for many years, but it moves. Not much, mind you, but enough to irritate me. Top of this, it won’t work in many doors. The Door Jammer from B and D has a threaded design to pull the door tight and work on even the strangest door and striker combos. (even Mercedes!)
Yes, this tool does cost twice as much, but its also machined aluminum, not stamped steel.
Worth it to me to be frustration free.

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