Dents in BMW Fenders – How to Access for Paintless Repair

Most cars with bolt on front fenders (wings) use a plastic liner or skirt. You can often move these out of the way for paintless dent removal access.
BMW’s are a different sort, because the plastic liner is really crammed into the lip of the wheel opening. Dropping the fender skirt for PDR access is a must.
As shown in the training video above, jacking the car up so the wheels drop is key. This can save you the added work of removing the wheel.
Other car OEM’s are following the design of the Bavarian with tight skirts, likely for the added strength.
But a recent trend has been a gap between the aprons and fender lips. You will find this area under the hood, often covered with another kind of skirt or plastic trim. So don’t forget to pop the hood and take a look when doing paintless dent repair on modern fenders.

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