Why You (Might) Want to Be PDR Certified – episode 59

Paintless Certificaiton episode 59

Do you need to get certified in paintless repair or is it all just propaganda?
No matter which camp you are in, for or against, you are being influenced. You might even turn around and influence others to join your camp. Why would you do this?
The only way to make a good decision about certification is to understand the motivations behind it.

We all want validation for a dent well fixed. If you’re doing a lot of retail, every customer is, or should be thrilled. This is validation.
But it might not punch your dance card the way you’d like.
The highest form of validation comes from your peers. Those in a position to know just what you went through to get this level of repair. So, we all post before and afters on dent sites and get some attaboys.
But certification done right, like the Vale test, may well be the highest validation there is.

  • Tech frustration. Its a big reason. Are you ruled by it?
  • Certified or not, what’s the most important thing you must say to the mirror and the world?
  • What’s our position on certification? The answer may surprise you.

Links mentioned in episode 59:
The Dark Art of Propaganda
Vale Certification
NAPDRT Tech Group
PDRNation Tech Group

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