Are You Embarrassed to Be Called a PDR Technician? PM79

paintless mentor episode 79

‘Why didn’t you become/marry a doctor or lawyer?’
A cliche for sure, but are we secretly embarrassed to call ourselves technicians?
Some are.
Once had this conversation with a young man in the hail business earning 6 figures: “Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?”
“I am, but most of my friends went to college, and though I make more, they still look down on me.”

Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of the band Weezer went back to college (twice) after finding music success.

  • What makes us want more status?
  • How can we get it, or better yet, how can we make the switch internally?
  • Should we be so quick to turn over important jobs to others?
  • The big secret about high earning “boutique” jobs

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