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Social Media can make your paintless business grow. But its a lot of work. To get traction, you have to post a minimum of once a day.
Not only can this be a lot of work, its a huge distraction which can take you away from making money pushing dents.
Is there a way to control the timesuck?
More and more sites are allowing you to schedule out your posts. Sit down once a week and set up your posting in advance and you’re done. Sort of.
Once you make a post, its a flash in someone’s timeline or feed. They might miss it.
Today, there are tools which allow you to build a library of posts which can be recirculated over time. Listen to hear our thoughts on these tools.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Buffer App
IFTT (If This Then That)
Meet Edgar
Smarter Queue

Tool Reviews:
Druztoolz Carbon Fiber Rod 
Ti-Tack Tip

Also in this episode:

  • How to identify where your customer is in the sales timeline
  • A quick tip to get better search engine rankings with just one tweak to your site

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