Get on Google Page One – Part 2 – Why My Site is Not Showing ep 54

episode 54 Paintless Mentor SEO PDR site

Follow up to last weeks question about ranking a website on page one. PDR business owner Justin Huffman asked us to dig deeper into his site rankings. What we found surprised us.

His site shows to rank for his town’s keyword, but the site does not actually appear in the listing. Was it changing the content management system from wordpress to Wix? Perhaps some sketchy links purchased on Fiverr?

Also in this episode:

  • What reasons does Google have for leaving a site off the index?
  • Sharing links within the industry, what’s the right way to do it?
  • An image hack for making text over photos show better.
  • Turn reviews into this for maximum impact
  • One tweak for photos to make them SEO friendly

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