Keep Customers Inside the Park at All Times – 64

In a theme park like Disneyworld, you get an immersive experience. Every where you look, fantasy. Oh, and something to buy too. Fun.
Disney and Las Vegas are the two places where all your money gets taken, yet you typically leave with a smile.
Your website is, or should be like a theme park. Once a visitor comes in, you want to keep them there. At least up till the time they pick up the phone and call you.
We talk with Justin Huffman of Three Rivers Dent in Pittsburgh, PA, USA about marketing, web stuff and dents. Justin’s a sharp guy and we went down multiple rabbit holes.
Join us for the ride, then let us know how you feel about taking an hourly job after PDR in the comments below.

  • marketing makes you unemployable
  • would you take a job as PDR employee
  • Why you should work on commission at least once in your life
  • How his website dropped a step or two
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