Easy Scripting for Your Paintless Videos – PM65

Making videos is exciting. Its fun, its new, woo hoo! Until it comes time to edit. Voiceover? Narration?
You need to tell a story, get your message across, get them to call you. What should you say?
The same things you say when a customer is in front of you might be good. Maybe you should record what you say, and make a script from that.
The video hosting company Wistia has put together a useful tickler file you can use to narrow down your thoughts about what you do. It has all the stuff you would want in any direct response video where you want the customer to take action.
No more staring at a blank page. I found this process eye opening and useful for where to go next in my paintless videos.

  • How to turn down stupid deals quickly
  • 2 guys buy a hail car, one gets ripped while another gets away with it
  • build a list in your local market? the ins and outs
  • changes we are making to our PDR site
  • how to switch to a secure site without losing rank
  • how to turn your website into an indoctrination machine

Links mentioned in this episode:
Yoast SEO plugin
Wistia Script Tickler
Thrive Themes
google search console
Easy Video Suite

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