PDR Employees – Is Your Business Ready to Hire? PM76

Time to hire employees for pdr business? pm76

As you apply good marketing strategies to your business, you will feel growth pains. You might consider adding a tech or two to the paintless team.
Be warned: hiring is fraught with danger in any business. Paintless dent repair companies have issues totally unique in managing new hires.

  • What are the dangers and how can you protect your company?
  • What is the best type person to hire, and how would you even know if they are a fit?
  • How will you pay them? Fixed wage vs. commission?

Don’t worry, if you are still working as an employee yourself, you’ll find some tips on how to apply good marketing in your own job
Also in this episode – why you should hire on purpose.

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This members only article is a story of a man I met who gave some helpful advice about hiring people.
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