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PDR Employees – Is Your Business Ready to Hire? PM76

Time to hire employees for pdr business? pm76

As you apply good marketing strategies to your business, you will feel growth pains. You might consider adding a tech or two to the paintless team. Be warned: hiring is fraught with danger in any business. Paintless dent repair companies have issues totally unique in managing new hires. What are the dangers and how can […]

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How to Avoid Overwhelm in PDR – PM75

avoid overwhelm in PDR -episode 75

I have this strange fear of cave diving. Those scuba tank and flipper wearing adventurers have my admiration. Yet, just thinking about them doing it can send me into a sitting panic. Irrational? Yes, I know its true. But the feeling is overwhelming. Therein lies the topic of today’s podcast. Avoiding overwhelm is an inside […]

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Are You Leaving Hail Money on the Table? PM74

leaving money on table with low hail estimates ep 74

What really happens when you bid a hail job for a body shop and say, “I’ll do it for X”? Is it possible to sell your future on just one job? A hail season’s worth? I once felt that, hey, I’m just one guy. How I price doesn’t matter, right? Except it does. You and […]

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The Value of One PDR Customer – PM73

Value of one customer episode 73

Please a customer and they will tell 10 others. Its a tired old axiom, but it only scratches the surface of what’s really going on in your paintless business. Is it possible that one client could become a “super” customer? This is the person who loves you and your PDR service so much, they tell […]

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Moving Day – PM 72

paintless mentor podcast ep 72

All the excitement of getting a new shop or house is too often snuffed out by the labor of packing and moving. We’ve been throwing stuff in corners and cubbies, never to touch it again for years. Now its all in our face. Take the nostalgia walk with us and discover why some of our […]

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Be and Act Like the PDR Expert You Are – PM71

Act like the paintless expert you are episode 71

Hail Season puts a paintless tech and business owner in a unique position. You are viewed as the authority on price, fixability, repair options, etc. But some PDR business owners are shy and reserved about stepping into the expert role. We cover 2 key areas where your expertise is needed: Insurance supplements Getting paid You’ll […]

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Should You Sell Your PDR Business? PM70

paintless mentor podcast 70 sell pdr business?

Ever wonder what your PDR business might be worth? Would you sell it? Never kill the goose that lays golden eggs, they say. Yet, you still may be ready. What are some factors to consider? Who will buy it? Will they run it well? Do they have more resources than you? Time? How long will […]

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