The Flow of Paintless Dent Repair

episode 58 Paintless Mentor Podcast

Is there really a state of mind where you become 5x more efficient, focused and productive? Its called the "Flow State" and you've seen it in sports many times. But it is not just a tool for athletes. It works in anything you do.

  • How to get yourself in the flow state on purpose
  • The surprising role of risk taking
  • Just how much risk is needed to get yourself into "flow"
  • Callout to thought leaders in PDR: Be honest about drilling, please
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"Stealing Fire - How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work" by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

Balance Your Brain with Paintless Dent Repair ep. 55

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Tension in Auto Panels - Use it in Paintless Dent Removal - 57

episode 57 paintless mentor podcast

Sheets of paper, sheets of metal. Two very different things. Or so you would think.
Make a few folds in paper and you've got a paper airplane. Folds in metal? Becomes a door, a hood, ultimately, a car.
Every fold, crease and curve in sheet metal helps a car to hold its shape. Understand this and your dent repair will get better by leaps and bounds.
You'll even have more fun pushing as you learn to make things work in your favor.

  • Why does one dent behave different from another?
  • How this fundamental principle applies to every dent and every repair method too
  • What every push is really doing to your panel

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It's Not About You - Put This First in All Your PDR Marketing - Ep. 56

paintless mentor podcast episode 56

25 years in business, best in your town, certified, bonafide, yada yada. Who cares? Not your customer!
One word will make your customers pay attention to you, bring their car in and yes, give you money.
This one word could get you 66% more views on Youtube.
Ready? You need to hear this.

Tom's Shoes gives a pair away with every purchase. This social business model is helping drive very large sales. Can it be adopted for a service business like paintless dent repair?

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Balance Your Brain with Paintless Dent Repair

Fixing dents without painting is addictive. Good, clean, fun. At least we think so. But, what if you're just starting out and pushing dents is the last thing you want to do?
How can you know where you are in the road to the ultimate brain balance? Learn the 4 levels of competence, and some exercises you can do to start the process off right.

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Stroke of Insight - Ted Talk
Brain Gyms

Get on Google Page One - Part 2 - Why My Site is Not Showing ep 54

episode 54 Paintless Mentor SEO PDR site

Follow up to last weeks question about ranking a website on page one. PDR business owner Justin Huffman asked us to dig deeper into his site rankings. What we found surprised us.

His site shows to rank for his town's keyword, but the site does not actually appear in the listing. Was it changing the content management system from wordpress to Wix? Perhaps some sketchy links purchased on Fiverr?

Also in this episode:
  • What reasons does Google have for leaving a site off the index?
  • Sharing links within the industry, what's the right way to do it?
  • An image hack for making text over photos show better.
  • Turn reviews into this for maximum impact
  • One tweak for photos to make them SEO friendly

Put Your PDR Website at the Top of Google - episode 53

paintless mentor podcast 53 seo pdr website

Your name in lights. 15 minutes of fame. First page of google. Three things you might want. First two? Not likely. The third we can help you with.

SEO, or search engine optimization. Big words simply saying your Paintless dent business on page 1 for your search term. e.g. (your town)+dent repair.
Interesting subject? Not unless you understand the power of getting, having and yes keeping a front page listing. We're talking about natural listings, the kind which give you credibility and a steady stream of dent customers.

You will discover why a site makes it to the top, the tools to use get there and finally, a couple of tweaks to dominate your town's PDR listings.

In this episode:
  • How to check and then make your site google friendly
  • What you need on all your social media sites
  • Why user experience is key to SEO

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The Future of Paintless Repair - episode 52

Paintless Mentor Podcast - 52

Where are we headed and when will get there? Will the paintless dent repair business get easier? Harder?
Are brokers taking over the hail business? What can you do about it?
Will the T-hotbox take over the paintless method and make push-behinders obsolete?
Should you switch to glue pull PDR only?

Listen as we talk about what's to come and some updates too:
What's the final cost of our thank you card program?
How State Farm thinks about what you do.
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How to Get Reviews on Purpose - Episode 51

At one time, we had a killer system for getting testimonials. Not just text, these were bonafide audio recordings of real customers. 35 different people called in and recorded a message for us. It worked really well. So we stopped.

Phone in reviews
I know, makes no sense to us either. Which is why we're starting it back up.
But this is a different time. Social Media. Smart phones, all that. OK, but this review getting system will still work, and you get to see the whole thing in action.
Hear the story of how we did it and how we're fixing it. Then download the freebies for your own PDR business today. Start capturing glorious, business getting, confidence building reviews right away.
In this episode you will discover:
  • The state of mind which makes people want to give a review
  • Where to have them submitted
  • Don't let them just sit there, do this with your reviews once you get them
  • a powerful plug in for your web site for getting reviews

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