Do Your PDR Company Rules Come Before Your Customers? PM66

Customers before Rules episode 66

Could the rules you impose in your business be anti customer?
You might be surprised to learn that company rules led to the death of over 100 people from a train crash in Japan.
We share our own nightmare customer story, and tell you how to avoid your own.

  • Why we turned our Paintless business website upside down
  • How a confused lady turned into a raving fan customer
  • Your website needs to do one thing, here’s how many miss it
  • Security certificate on your site: what to watch out for
  • How to use text messages the right way

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Easy Scripting for Your Paintless Videos - PM65

script paintless videos easily episode 65 paintless mentor

Making videos is exciting. Its fun, its new, woo hoo! Until it comes time to edit. Voiceover? Narration?
You need to tell a story, get your message across, get them to call you. What should you say?
The same things you say when a customer is in front of you might be good. Maybe you should record what you say, and make a script from that.
The video hosting company Wistia has put together a useful tickler file you can use to narrow down your thoughts about what you do. It has all the stuff you would want in any direct response video where you want the customer to take action.
No more staring at a blank page. I found this process eye opening and useful for where to go next in my paintless videos.

  • How to turn down stupid deals quickly
  • 2 guys buy a hail car, one gets ripped while another gets away with it
  • build a list in your local market? the ins and outs
  • changes we are making to our PDR site
  • how to switch to a secure site without losing rank
  • how to turn your website into an indoctrination machine

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Yoast SEO plugin
Wistia Script Tickler
Thrive Themes
google search console
Easy Video Suite

Keep Customers Inside the Park at All Times - 64

episode 64 with Justin Huffman

In a theme park like Disneyworld, you get an immersive experience. Every where you look, fantasy. Oh, and something to buy too. Fun.
Disney and Las Vegas are the two places where all your money gets taken, yet you typically leave with a smile.
Your website is, or should be like a theme park. Once a visitor comes in, you want to keep them there. At least up till the time they pick up the phone and call you.
We talk with Justin Huffman of Three Rivers Dent in Pittsburgh, PA, USA about marketing, web stuff and dents. Justin’s a sharp guy and we went down multiple rabbit holes.
Join us for the ride, then let us know how you feel about taking an hourly job after PDR in the comments below.

  • marketing makes you unemployable
  • would you take a job as PDR employee
  • Why you should work on commission at least once in your life
  • How his website dropped a step or two
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1% Better is All You Need to Win

one percent better to advantage in PDR Business - 63

Ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? How can you get ahead of your competition?
Good news, you only have to be a tiny bit better to win.
Do better at these 5 key areas of your business by just 1% and you come out on top. These tiny, incremental improvements will give you an accumulated advantage over all your competitors. In a short time, you could easily wind up with 80% of all the retail paintless dent repair in your area. By the time your market figures it out, your business stands above all and there is no chance for them to catch up.

  • How to gain accumulated advantage
  • the 5 parts of your business to notch up for best leverage
  • Strong example why social media is not a place for customer service interaction

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James Clear on 80/20
Tim and Derek on 80/20 advantage
Handling customer complaints the right way
Example of why not answer complaints on social media

Why You Hate Your PDR Business (Sometimes) - 62

Why you sometimes hate PDR Business episode 62 PM podcast

The grass looks greener, yes, but sometimes your side looks pretty good too. What is behind this bipolar, love and hate thing we have going with our own business?
If you look close enough, there are some really amazing things going for you. Raving fans, a great location, props from people you might not even know about.
Yet, even when forced to acknowledge these fortunes, we turn around and forget as soon as the next struggle happens.
Listen to discover why it happens, and even how to overcome it.

  • Customer freaks out and teaches us a lesson about pricing dents
  • How I lost a hail job and how to prevent it next time
  • No, I won’t fix your mangled up RV door, but here’s why I let you down easy
Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:
Headwinds/Tailwinds Assymetry by Davidai and Gilovich

How to Get Reviews on Purpose - Episode 51

Using Video for Your PDR Business

video marketing your paintless business Steven Dumala- 61

Adding video to your paintless marketing plan is no longer optional. It has become the best way to optimize the results from your website and social media marketing.

But what kind of videos are needed? Is their a best method for posting videos to get the best ranking results?
facebook group PDR Video Marketing
Steven Dumala from the facebook group "PDR Video Marketing" joins us and explains:

  • The "Push, Pull, Pop" method for video creation ideas
  • 3 areas of a video which you want to pay special attention to.
  • The proper way to post and embed videos

Links mentioned in this episode:

PDR Video Marketing Facebook Group

Download the free Video Marketing Checklist

How to Market Your PDR Business Part 1 and Part 2

Persuade Your Customers in 6 Ethical Ways

Could Your Dent Business be Disrupted? - Ep. 60

paintless mentor podcast 60

Technology is changing businesses all over the world. Think about taxi services. Uber and Lyft come along and grab a whole bunch of their business. How? Better service through technology.
Biggest gripe of a taxi customer? Never know if they are going to show up when they said they would.
Could your dent business by affected by technology like this? Listen as we talk about some potential disruptors and what to do about them.

Also in this episode:
  • How you can be the disruptive factor in your market with pricing
  • How to get a link out of your Google My Business to get more reviews
  • We finally start a Facebook Group - why it took so long
  • Put your business on the Paintless Mentor Podcast

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Drone business meteoric rise and fall in three years
How Big Data is affecting elections and yes, your thoughts
Get links from your Google My Business listing to use on your website and text to customers
The link shortener we love

Why You (Might) Want to Be PDR Certified - episode 59

Paintless Certificaiton episode 59

Do you need to get certified in paintless repair or is it all just propaganda?
No matter which camp you are in, for or against, you are being influenced. You might even turn around and influence others to join your camp. Why would you do this?
The only way to make a good decision about certification is to understand the motivations behind it.

We all want validation for a dent well fixed. If you're doing a lot of retail, every customer is, or should be thrilled. This is validation.
But it might not punch your dance card the way you'd like.
The highest form of validation comes from your peers. Those in a position to know just what you went through to get this level of repair. So, we all post before and afters on dent sites and get some attaboys.
But certification done right, like the Vale test, may well be the highest validation there is.

  • Tech frustration. Its a big reason. Are you ruled by it?
  • Certified or not, what's the most important thing you must say to the mirror and the world?
  • What's our position on certification? The answer may surprise you.

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The Dark Art of Propaganda
Vale Certification
NAPDRT Tech Group
PDRNation Tech Group