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How to Raise PDR Prices without Losing Customers 81

raise prices get more clients episode 81

Everything is going up in price, you know this. You also know prices need to go up for your PDR services. You might also know its the easiest way to increase profits, just charge more. But will you start to lose dent customers? What about the wholesale customers who see your prices be one level

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How to Deal with a New PDR Broker in Your Town - PM80

new pdr broker in your town episode 80

Lots of pdr hail work, lots of techs to do it. Some enterprising fellow sees a chance to put himself between it all and make some easy money. Boom. You're now competing with someone who doesn't even fix dents. Broker is a 4 letter word in most PDR circles and sometimes with good reason. But

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Are You Embarrassed to Be Called a PDR Technician? PM79

paintless mentor episode 79

'Why didn’t you become/marry a doctor or lawyer?' A cliche for sure, but are we secretly embarrassed to call ourselves technicians? Some are. Once had this conversation with a young man in the hail business earning 6 figures: “Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?” "I am, but most of my friends went to college,

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Ron Kronon - How to Get Wholesale PDR Accounts PM78

Ron Kronon on Wholesale PDR

“Have you guys ever burned out pushing dents?” "No, I haven’t” This was my answer to Ron Kronon in this episode’s interview. But I was not completely honest. Burn out just might be why I stopped the paintless dealer work in 2003. What I felt was the hopeless futility of doing dealer work. They tried

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PDR Employees - Is Your Business Ready to Hire? PM76

Time to hire employees for pdr business? pm76

As you apply good marketing strategies to your business, you will feel growth pains. You might consider adding a tech or two to the paintless team. Be warned: hiring is fraught with danger in any business. Paintless dent repair companies have issues totally unique in managing new hires. What are the dangers and how can

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