Are You Leaving Hail Money on the Table? PM74

What really happens when you bid a hail job for a body shop and say, “I’ll do it for X”? Is it possible to sell your future on just one job? A hail season’s worth?
I once felt that, hey, I’m just one guy. How I price doesn’t matter, right? Except it does.
You and I and every PDR tech good enough to work for body shops are now part of a big machine. Like it or not we drive the paintless division of the collision industry.
Think about it. For years it was body, frame, paint and mechanical. Now throw in paintless.
Listen and see how and why you price for hail and dents at collision shops makes a big impact.

  • You say charge like a pro, aren’t you just being greedy?
  • Why dropping your price is the greediest tactic of all
  • Some of the most important real estate in your business (all have it many never use it)
  • Get a good photo of flayed out car for estimating without stealing it

Links mentioned in this episode:
Overhead view of car for esimates for business cards
Appsumo for deals on stock photos

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