PDR Estimating – know your panels video

Writing accurate estimates in paintless repair is a must.
Knowing the panel names used on cars you estimate for PDR gives you expert status.

My auto body class was an eclectic mix of people.
From pimple faced high school rockers to thirty-something adult students in army surplus jackets trying to make a new start.

The instructor, Mr. Opdyke, was new to teaching. Since he was used to working in a high production body shop, facing a room full of newbies must have felt like slow motion.
A very trusting soul volunteered his 1968 Pontiac GTO to the class for restoration, and it needed to be taken apart.
I watched as the instructor assigned teams of two the different panels for removal.
Finally, he pointed at me and said, “You take off the valance panel.”
“Er, what’s a valance panel?”
Mr. Opdyke then gathered us around the car and taught us the names of each panel.
Since you will write estimates for paintless dent removal, you need to know those names too.

Watch the video below to see how to write accurate estimates with proper names for each panel.

Disclaimer: valance panels are not listed in this video because they are not really found on modern cars. (But I’ll give you a hint, they could never get hail damage.)

Note: if you use different panel names for PDR in your country, please share them in the comments below.
I’ll trade you a hood for a bonnet.

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