How to remove SUV back glass for Paintless Hail Removal

When you fix hail damage on the roof of an SUV, you want to see the dents from all angles.
Here is a way to easily remove the back glass from Suburbans, Tahoes and Yukons.
This method can be done by one PDR tech on his own.
However, some vans and SUV’s require the whole back hatch to be removed.
These are heavy so you’ll need some help.
As always, use caution with this procedure. This is tempered safety glass, so its very strong, but
any glass can break. Treat it gingerly
The full video for how to remove a headliner from an SUV is available in the member’s area.

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  1. Hi tim in Canada we call the c clips that hold the glass on jesus clips because when they take off you say jesus where did that go! LOL

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