Using Video for Your PDR Business

video marketing your paintless business Steven Dumala- 61

Adding video to your paintless marketing plan is no longer optional. It has become the best way to optimize the results from your website and social media marketing. But what kind of videos are needed? Is their a best method for posting videos to get the best ranking results? Steven Dumala from the facebook group […]

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

Could Your Dent Business be Disrupted? – Ep. 60

paintless mentor podcast 60

Technology is changing businesses all over the world. Think about taxi services. Uber and Lyft come along and grab a whole bunch of their business. How? Better service through technology. Biggest gripe of a taxi customer? Never know if they are going to show up when they said they would. Could your dent business by […]

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The Flow of Paintless Dent Repair – PM58

episode 58 Paintless Mentor Podcast

Is there really a state of mind where you become 5x more efficient, focused and productive? Its called the “Flow State” and you’ve seen it in sports many times. But it is not just a tool for athletes. It works in anything you do. How to get yourself in the flow state on purpose The […]

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Balance Your Brain with Paintless Dent Repair

Fixing dents without painting is addictive. Good, clean, fun. At least we think so. But, what if you’re just starting out and pushing dents is the last thing you want to do? How can you know where you are in the road to the ultimate brain balance? Learn the 4 levels of competence, and some […]

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