How to Get Local Links for Your PDR Website - PM91

Get local links for your pdr business episode 91

The best thing you can do for your PDR business website is make it google, or search engine friendly. Once your site is fixed up, the next best thing is to build links coming in to it. Google counts these as votes for your content and give you authority in the form of better placement

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

Influencing PDR Customers - Part II PM90

influencing pdr customers part II

Your customers are smart, which is why they wound up in your shop or on the phone with you. From you they need guidance, but what’s the best way to give it? Come right out and tell them what to do? Might work sometimes. Better if you help them in a way which makes them

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The Case Against PDR Patents - PM89

case against pdr tool patents 89

Have an idea for a PDR Light? Great! Please share it with the world. Better yet, build it, sell it and make lots of money. No really you should. But tread carefully, for it appears paintless dent repair tool innovation has sunk to the level of litigation. Could you be sued for your innovative idea?

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Train Your Brain Like a Guided Missile -PM88

episode 88 paintless mentor podcast

“You charge too much!” Those words ring in your mind for a long time. Even days later, what bothers you most is your reaction. What you replied in the heat of the moment. If you ever wished you could go back and change something, then you know the power of negative prep. The time to

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The Unified Theory of PDR - PM87

unified theory of PDR 87th episode

What ya gonna do on this dent? Push it, pull it, knock it down. Look again. How about now? Explore with us a simple approach for paintless dent repair. See why and how the best use it daily and some don’t even know they’re using it. This is how all the methods of dent removal

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Focus on the Right Problem in PDR - PM86

focus on right problem PDR episode 86

Fixing a dent without painting is solving lots of tiny problems. Running a paintless shop means solving bigger problems. An unauthorized, unskilled broker comes to town. A competitor stealing “your” account. Someone makes a false statement about PDR on the internet. Must you tackle these head on? Someone needs to do something. The temptation is

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There's No Business Like PDR? PM85

No business like PDR -episode 85

Your side gig. Your hobbies. Bet you have one or both. When you study these and compare to the paintless dent business, do you notice the similarities in their behaviors? The things which make a group turn on itself are not really unique to PDR. Other niches make this painfully clear: the same attitudes and

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