Focus on the Right Problem in PDR – PM86

focus on right problem PDR episode 86


Fixing a dent without painting is solving lots of tiny problems. Running a paintless shop means solving bigger problems.

An unauthorized, unskilled broker comes to town. A competitor stealing “your” account. Someone makes a false statement about PDR on the internet.

Must you tackle these head on?

Someone needs to do something.

The temptation is there, and they do get a lot of our attention, but is this where you want to put your focus?

This episode is a reminder to us that some problems are like gravity. Can’t change it. But it doesn’t have to hold you down.

You’ll face the truth about:

  • dents unfixable
  • used car dealers behavior
  • competitors
  • customers
  • PDR training

Links mentioned in this episode:
Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
Hail Car Trouble -episode 84

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