How to Get Local Links for Your PDR Website – PM91

Get local links for your pdr business episode 91


The best thing you can do for your PDR business website is make it google, or search engine friendly.
Once your site is fixed up, the next best thing is to build links coming in to it. Google counts these as votes for your content and give you authority in the form of better placement in the listing.
Local businesses can be easy to build links to if you know where to start. We found an article from Moz with some great suggestions. Listen as we tailor it to your PDR site.

Also in this episode:

  • #propsandchops – a tongue-in-cheek nod to PDR after shots, especially videos where the PDR tech obscures the outcome of the repair by the way its filmed. A gentle and humorous way to say “I see whatcha did there”
  • Discussion on Honda Fit Lawsuit and $37 Million award

Links mentioned:
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11 Ways for Local Businesses can Get Links
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