How to Push Dents Without Pushing Your Body

episode 13 - push dents without pushing your body - PDR

Pushing dents paintless takes leverage. Leverage requires twisting and pushing, which in turn can stress your bodies in ways you never imagined. What can you do to stay in shape and keep the damage to a minimum? Is there a way to ease the pain of weird muscle strain? How Tim got the strangest PDR […]

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

Fix hail dents faster

Get faster at fixing hail with PDR episode 11

Are you ready for hail season? How can you be fast as possible? Pick up some speed tips from the pro’s. How to (appear to) be as smart as a Doctor or Lawyer. Could this device bring an end to all hail damage? Why the smartest people never look at history. Thinking of a product […]

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Hail Money Coming – How to Be Ready

hail money pdr episode 10

Setting goals to improve your life? Most goals are backwards, leading to frustration and setbacks. Why do most lottery winners go broke? Why do PDR techs go broke even after a high earning year? When you start fixing dents, if you set the right goals the money will follow. How you keep the money is […]

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History of PDR Blending

The history of PDR blending, what it is and what it is not. Listen to learn more. Could you really be your own worst enemy? Or is there a part of you that needs tamed? How can this other you become an ally? How to keep from walking off a tough job. Hail hack to […]

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How to be the go to guy in your PDR Market

Where do you start a paintless dent? How did this PDR Training myth even get started? Listen to episode 8 of the Paintless Mentor Podcast for the answer. Drilling for paintless repair, how and why it became such an issue and how use a balanced approach. Mastering a skill takes a long time, but how […]

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Persuade your Customers in 6 ethical ways

Influence your pdr customers in these ethical ways

Is it right to use persuasion on your customers? How is persuasion being used on you right now? (Warning: you will definitely squirm a little) In this episode, we go deep into the 6 methods of persuasion outlined by Robert B. Cialdini in his book: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” Here are the 6 ways […]

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