Should You Design Your Own PDR Tools?

ep 21 Should You Design Your own PDR Tools?

If you have a design or idea for a paintless dent repair tool, maybe you should just build it. But there are two things you need to know first. What you need to avoid Why you have to move fast In this age of technology, what is the smartest and best thing to build? Software? […]

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

Customers: Do you see dents like they do?

Are you choosing the right custtomers - paintless mentor episode 17

hey want you to fix their dents, but customers need something more from you. Why would someone call you, a dent professional, then not listen to your advice? Do you feel frustrated with your customer interactions? There is much more going on in your customers’ mind. Unlock the reasons behind their behavior, then you’ll know […]

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Why you should hug your competition

Hug your pdr competition - paintless mentor podcast ep16

hink your competition’s lowball prices are ruining your business? Here’s why you can’t get to the top without them. A new way to look at business and sales. Are you imprinting your customers the right way? We make the news: how we got on it and what to do for your business for publicity. Links: […]

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Hail Estimating Tips

Hail Estimating PDR Paintless mentor podcast

ant to know the fastest way to get a true dent count? How to save time and make more money on hail estimates. Where to turn for proper procedures. When to turn to the industry for help and how to keep a balanced view of it. Do you love dents so much that you’d do […]

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Are you choosing the right customer?

Are You choosing right PDR customers? - paintless mentor podcast

hich customers do you want? All of them! So says the new business owner. Rid yourself of this limiting belief and your business will take off. How can you determine who is a good fit for your business? Use this formula to improve your business and your life. The right way to get rid of […]

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