Put Your PDR Website at the Top of Google – episode 53

paintless mentor podcast 53 seo pdr website

Your name in lights. 15 minutes of fame. First page of google. Three things you might want. First two? Not likely. The third we can help you with. SEO, or search engine optimization. Big words simply saying your Paintless dent business on page 1 for your search term. e.g. (your town)+dent repair. Interesting subject? Not […]

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The Future of Paintless Repair – episode 52

Paintless Mentor Podcast - 52

Where are we headed and when will get there? Will the paintless dent repair business get easier? Harder? Are brokers taking over the hail business? What can you do about it? Will the T-hotbox take over the paintless method and make push-behinders obsolete? Should you switch to glue pull PDR only? Listen as we talk […]

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How to Get Reviews on Purpose – Episode 51

At one time, we had a killer system for getting testimonials. Not just text, these were bonafide audio recordings of real customers. 35 different people called in and recorded a message for us. It worked really well. So we stopped. I know, makes no sense to us either. Which is why we’re starting it back […]

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PDR Business planning for the upcoming year – episode 48

Ep 48 paintless mentor podcast

Maximizing the results of the upcoming year can happen only if you do things on purpose. This episode helps in a number of areas including: Year end tax planning for a seasonal business Changes to your marketing and website  Getting ready for the busy season Also in this episode: Are you really a creator or […]

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