How to Win the Dent Olympics – episode 45

EP 45 Paintless Mentor Podcast

ull disclosure: I’ve never competed in the Dent Olympics, nor am I likely to. Derek has competed, but this was some years ago. So, who do we think we are offering advice on how to win? Listen to find out Also: Driving a dedicated dent rig with advertising on it – should you do it? […]

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How to Negotiate in Paintless Dent Repair

Negotiate Paintless Mentor Podcast episode 38

If you knew what your customer’s really wanted, how could that help you close more paintless dent sales? Learn to ask open ended questions (just like the last sentence) to help you discover how to fulfill their biggest wants. How “active listening” puts you in the customer’s shoes 3 voices you can use in negotiating, […]

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