How to remove Honda – Acura taillights for PDR Video

2 vidoes on removine acura tail lamps

Removing taillights for paintless dent removal access on quarter panels was once easy. Pull back some trim, loosen four nuts and its out. The biggest challenge then was Nissan’s nasty, gummy black butyl sealant, which held those lamps in better than a crusty barnacle on a boat hull. In the early 2000’s however, Honda changed […]

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

PDR Training – Fixing Deep, Stretched Dents

Have you ever worked a car with a dent in the roof, trunk, or hood that is so big, it holds water? Then you know what I’m talking about when I say “Bird Bath Dent”. You know, the kind where you have to pump the water out before you can work it? They can happen […]

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PDR Training Case Study Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Paintless repair students

Is paintless dent repair a form of art? Must you be an artist to fix dents without painting? When you see what TJ and Bakhodir from Uzbekistan have done, you might say yes. Watch the video to find out how a process becomes art.

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Glue pull vs. PDR – Who Will Win?

There are two main methods of paintless dent removal, glue pulling or glue pdr, and pushing from the back PDR.The differences are this: one is done from above and one from underneath. Which is better?Watch these ambiguous videos for the answer. Think I’m trying to sell you on glue pulling? Watch the next one. Some […]

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