Episode 5 – How to Market your PDR Business – part 1

Marketing Your PDR Business part 1 episode 5

Want to get more customers than you can handle? Build your credibility first with some smart marketing. Think of it as sales in advance. The most important elements you need in your credibility kit. An in depth discussion on yellow page ads your website and where to post reviews. Part 2 is coming next and […]

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Grab the Paintless Training Cheat Sheet

Uncover training secrets, best ways to practice and what to watch for. (3 bonus videos)Download

The Best Light for Paintless Dent Repair – episode 4

Can you really claim there is one best reflection source for PDR? Up till now, many different forms of lighting have been tried. You like yours, I’ll use mine. None were all that great, so live and let push, we said. Listen and find out whats changed, why we now say one light style is […]

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The Right Way to Work Wholesale PDR – episode 3

You are not as random as you think you are, your business shouldn’t be either. Wholesale PDR can be good if you work it the right way. Do it wrong and your success is as random as a flip of a coin. Listen to the podcast and discover how to partner with your managers for […]

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Podcast – How to Gameify your PDR Training

This is the first episode of the Paintless Mentor Podcast. Derek and I discuss¬†strategies that will help you learn PDR and earn more money. This episodes theme is¬†gameification and how it will improve your dent repair training. Also, how this method can help you learn other skills. So, how can you turn your dent repair¬†into […]

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Great PDR Tool Promo Video from Exeltools

The funniest paintless dent repair commercial I’ve seen yet. This is from European paintless tool company Exeltools. The handle design looks super comfortable for the hand, but looks to stick up a bit too high on top. Said handles look a bit like a golf club head, so the video is spot on. These guys […]

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