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Hire a Robot to Run Your PDR Business? PM100

Hire a robot to run your pdr business? PM100

Customers are the lifeblood of your paintless business. Would you trust your interactions with them to artificial intelligence? Only if you were certain it would result in a better experience for them. Have we reached the point in tech advancements to allow for this? Yes, we think so. Listen to see how we are implementing […]

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Make Your PDR Business Timeless – PM99

Make your PDR business timeless - episode 99

Your dad liked them. You liked them. Now your kids like them and they are telling all their friends. Something which appeals to three generations or more, this is what we call timeless. Baseball? Yeah, but its really a pastime. We’re talking about things which seem temporary, like popular music. Music is popular for a […]

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Your Google Listing (Might) Really Be in Danger PM98

Your Google Listing (Might) Really Be in Danger PM98

Robo calls. Always an interruption when you’re in the middle of a dent repair. Every call starts with a lie, too. “You’re listing is not correct…” or some such nonsense. But there really is a way for a well meaning person, or worse an evil competitor to alter your listing. If you’re not careful, you […]

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What Your PDR Customer Really Wants – PM97

What Your PDR Customer Really Wants - PM97

You sell dent repair services. This customer has a dent. Naturally, you start selling your dent repair service. Oops you missed it. Fixing the dent is only one of the things they want (and its the last they want to talk about). Listen to uncover the six things your customer really wants. Then check out […]

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Apps and Office Tech We Use in our PDR Company – PM96

Apps and Office Tech We Use in our PDR Company - PM96

If you’re like every PDR tech who ever pushed a dent, you love new tools. We love seeing the new stuff too, even one just for using around the office. Over the years, we’ve found some apps or software which makes life easier. Listen to the tools we use in the dent repair office. Estimating […]

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The History of PDR – episode 95

History of PDR - episode 95

They say every idea worth spreading starts on the West Coast of the US. Not this time. PDR started two different places at the same time. Neither of them have a zip code starting with 9. Listen to how paintless began according to all the mostly true stories we’ve heard through the years. Also, why […]

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Do You Hate the PDR Industry? PM94

Do We Hate the PDR Industry- episode 94

Ninety days from starting. All the time needed to realize running a PDR business is not as great as you first thought it might be. You do get more deductions, but also find you pay higher personal taxes The competition are fools and are ruining the business with unsustainable pricing The state government is threatening […]

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